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Tracking the Broncos’ snap counts

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A few obvious and not-so-obvious changes from previous games.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

First - my apologies to those who are colorblind, I’ll throw the spreadsheet up on Google docs if you want to see the raw numbers.

Now - on to the pretty graphs. :-)

There were some subtle differences and some not-so-subtle differences made in the playing time of different position groups last game. I’ll let you find them, rather than pointing them out.


Offensive Line

Ty Sambrailo, if he’s healthy, does not belong on an NFL field. If he isn’t healthy, then WTF is he doing playing RT and how did he show, in practice during the bye week, that he was capable of blocking ANY of our edge rushers one-on-one?

Stephenson is also one of the worst tackles in the league according to PFF, but he at least showed that he could be a competent pass blocker last game against Houston. Ty looked like a turnstile; in fact, he gave turnstiles a bad name.

Wide Receivers

Effectively, Jordan Norwood has one job on this team - punt returner - and he is doing a terrible job as our punt returner with more fumbles/muffs than all but two other punt returners in the league. He’s like Trindon Holliday without the speed or the quickness.

Norwood is not very much involved in the passing game. For a small receiver, he is not particularly quick or fast, and he has had bouts of both butter-finger disease and alligator arms. Maybe it’s time to cut him and bring Khalif Raymond up from the practice squad. At least Raymond has the capability of getting long punt returns. And before you bring up the punt return in the Super Bowl, remember that he only got that return because the Panthers’ cover guy had a brain-fart.

RB and TE

Kapri Bibbs continues to got used more and more in the offense while A.J. Derby appears to have cemented his role as the pass-catching TE. The workload for Booker and Green was lightened somewhat last game relative to the previous three.


Defensive Line

Darius Kilgo is gone, picked off by the Patriots after we dropped him to pick up the replacement long-snapper for last game while Casey Kreiter was hurting. It’s possible the Pats could drop him just like we have. Derek Wolfe’s return allowed Sly Williams and Jared Crick to play less than they did the previous game. Adam Gotsis must be in the dog-house, because this is the time of year when having a fresh-legged defensive player would really help the defense.


Von was back to getting a few plays off this game after taking every defensive snap the game before. Corey Nelson continues to see his playing time dwindle since he played a career-high 92 percent of the defensive snaps in game 8.

Defensive Backs

Having Aqib Talib back meant that Kayvon Webster hardly took any defensive snaps at all, which is not surprising considering how often KC employed two or three TEs. Justin Simmons saw a career-high in defensive snap percentage last game with 36 percent