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Will the Broncos finally take advantage of a bad pass defense?

Emmanuel Sanders told The Afternoon Drive how Denver can make that come to fruition against the Titans.

It’s no secret the Denver Broncos have played some bad defenses. In fact, they’ve faced some atrocious defenses against the pass this season. Of the 12 defenses the Broncos offense has gone against, only two are ranked in the top 10. The other 10 are ranked 15th or lower, with six being 23rd or lower.

Denver has made those defenses look like the Steel Curtain when the game is over. Well, another opportunity to play a bad pass defense presents itself this Sunday when the Broncos smash helmets with the Tennessee Titans, who enter the game 26th against the pass. It’s the seventh defense ranked 23rd or lower against the pass Denver will face this season.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive asked Denver receiver Emmanuel Sanders if this is the week the offense finally takes full advantage of a bad defense.

“You got to complete passes, and that’s what it is,” Sanders said. “Whether it’s me getting my depth on routes, whether it’s a the O-line protecting, whether it’s Trevor (Siemian) or Paxton (Lynch) hitting us on deep balls, the only way you can exploit a defense is that everybody has to be on all cylinders.”

Bouns listen

MHR’s Tim Lynch let’s the guys know if the AFC West is out of the question now for the Broncos.