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Broncos Titans recap: Denver’s offense shows up too late for comeback attempt to fall 13-10 to Tennessee

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Despite over 300 yards passing, Trevor Siemian and the Denver Broncos offense could only muster 10 points in loss to the Tennessee Titans.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos desperately needed a win over the Tennessee Titans to keep pace with the AFC West division leaders and to keep a stranglehold on at least the sixth seed in the AFC Playoff race.

Things didn’t go according to plan as the offense continued its ineptitude from last week through the first half. The offense woke up in the fourth quarter, but it wasn’t enough as a costly fumble at the end of the game sealed the 13-10 win for the Titans.

First Quarter

The Broncos offense had themselves two three and outs and a fumble in the first quarter, which gave the Titans incredible field position on every single one of their first quarter drives.

To open things up, the Titans went run heavy and marched straight down the field for an opening touchdown lead on the Broncos.

However, after recovering a fumble in Broncos territory, the Broncos defense began to stiffen to allow just three points the rest of the quarter.

Titans 10, Broncos 0.

Second Quarter

Much of the second quarter became a battle for field position. However, late in the half, Harry Douglas targeted the knee of Chris Harris Jr. in a very dirty play that sparked retribution from Aqib Talib.

That drive would end in a field goal, but you could see the Broncos defense was playing very angry and fast to close out the half.

Titans 13, Broncos 0.

Third Quarter

The Broncos defense played very well in the third quarter, while the Broncos offense finally started getting things going. They would end the third quarter just three yards from pay dirt and getting this team back into the game.

Titans 13, Broncos 0.

Fourth Quarter

On a third and goal, Siemian made a terrible throw to Demaryius Thomas missing a wide open receiver short for the touchdown. Then another throw into double coverage (maybe) to give the ball away to the Titans.

The Broncos defense held strong on the first two downs to force a third and nine. Jared Crick missed a sack that would have been a safety, but Mariota was sacked at the one by DeMarcus Ware.

Kalif Raymond had a nice punt return after Brett Kern boomed a 60-yard punt for 22 yards with another 15 yards added for a late hit setting the Broncos offense up at the Titans 25 yard line.

The Broncos quickly got into a first and goal situation, but an errant pass on first down from Siemian to Thomas starting things off. Then Siemian followed up with his best pass of the game to Sanders for the touchdown.

Titans 13, Broncos 7.

How would the defense respond? Oh, with a three and out.

After a terrible punt, Siemian and the Broncos offense began ripping off some offensive plays. A 17 yard gain by Sanders and then a 10 yard gain by Thomas had the Broncos at the Titans 28 yard line. Another 10 yard pass, this time to Sanders put the Broncos inside the red zone.

After a short loss and an incompletion, the Broncos needed a big play from Siemian. Instead, it was Demaryius Thomas who made an incredible play on the ball for a first and goal.

Unfortunately, Siemian would run right into a sack for a nine yard pass on the next play and two straight incompletions forced a field goal attempt from Brandon McManus. Bennie Fowler dropped a touchdown on that drive that cost the Broncos big.

Titans 13, Broncos 10.

The Titans got their driving with a perfect deep pass to Rishard Matthews over Aqib Talib out to midfield. The Broncos defense held from there to force a punt from the Titans. The No Fly Zone said no more.

The punt would be downed at the one yard line. Disaster. A quick completion out to the 8 and a poor pass to Virgil Green that was well off target setup a third and four with two minutes to go in the game.

A nice grab by Thomas would convert the third down and keep the drive alive. Another short pass to Thomas out to the 21 yard line has the clock ticking down rather quickly. Another pass to Thomas to the 30 in the middle forced the Broncos to use a timeout with a minute and three seconds left.

Another short pass to Thomas, setup a pass to A.J. Derby that he fumbled with a Titans recovery.

Game over.