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Broncos-Titans live: Last’s weeks offense is this weeks offense after one quarter of play

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The Denver Broncos defense is on the verge of being unable to hold the line as the Broncos offense is every bit as woeful as last weeks offense.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos lost the opening coin toss and the Tennessee Titans with one of the worst pass defenses in football deferred to Trevor Siemian and the Broncos offense to open the game.

Siemian, on his first snap in two weeks, threw a short pass to the flat to A.J. Derby for nine yards. On second down, the Siemian threw it again. That one fell incomplete. On third and one, the Broncos inexplicably threw again and Siemian was sacked after Devontae Booker whiffed on his assignment.

After stuffing the first run from the Titans, Marcus Mariota takes the read-option for eleven yards and a first down.

That would open things up for the Titans as Mariota faked the read-option on the next play to spring DeMarco Murray for a ten yard gain and another first down.

A five yard run, setup a quick pass from Mariota to Delanie Walker that was tipped up and fell incomplete. On third and five from the Broncos 43-yard line, Mariota hit Walker deep for a 23 yard gain and a first down inside the red zone.

The drive would quickly have the Titans with a first and goal opportunity at the Broncos five yard line. Murray would punch it in for the touchdown to cap an impressive first drive for the Titans.

Titans 7, Broncos 0.

Justin Forsett finally got into the game on second down, ripping off a big gain only to fumble at the end of the play to give the Titans excellent field position.

From the Broncos 40, Murray underthrew Mariota and had his first down pass broken up by T.J. Ward. After a short pass, the Titans had a manageable third down and five. Mariot, from the shotgun, had his pass knocked down by Jared Crick to force a long 53-yard field goal attempt.

Ryan Succop booked it threw to extend the Titans lead.

Titans 10, Broncos 0.

Siemian went short again, this time to Demaryius Thomas for a six yard gain. The Titans 29th-ranked pass defense had not been tested yet in this game, despite a two score lead.

After a no gain from Booker, Siemian out of the gun threw it incomplete to Jordan Taylor with a ball that was not well thrown.

Yet another three and out. Out of three offensive drives, two were three and out and one ended in a fumble. The Broncos offense this week looks a lot like the Broncos offense last week.

From their own 44 yard line, the Titans opened their next drive up with a short run from Murray for two yards. A five yard run from Derrick Henry set up a third and three for the Titans just across midfield. Mariot, from the gun, overthrew Harry Douglas to end their drive.

Kalif Raymond fair caught the ball at the Broncos five yard line, setting the offense up with terrible field position.

On first down, Thomas made a nice one-handed catch while being interfered with for a twelve yard gain. A quick toss to Emmanuel Sanders netted another solid eight yard gain as the dink and dunk offense finally started to work on this drive.

A one yard gain from Booker setup a third and one. Booker was met at the line of scrimmage and drive back to end another Broncos drive. Michael Schofield whiffed on a block to ruin that play.

The field could have been flipped, but Riley Dixon could muster just a 38-yarder to give the Titans solid field position yet again.

Mariota took off on the next play for a huge gain out to midfield. Henry would end the quarter with a quick four yard run.

The Broncos have their work cut out for them in this game.