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AFC Playoff Picture: Despite loss, Broncos keep sixth seed for now

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If the Baltimore Ravens beat the New England Patriots, then the Denver Broncos will lose their hold on the sixth seed.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

After the Denver Broncos fell 13-10 to the Tennessee Titans, their playoff hopes took a dive along with it. Their 8-5 record is now tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins who both won early on Sunday. If the Baltimore Ravens somehow win on Monday Night Football against the New England Patriots, then things would get even worse for Denver.

Since both the Dolphins and Broncos have the same 5-4 conference record, further tiebreakers are needed this week.

By virtue of common opponents (Dolphins 1-2, Broncos 2-2 in those games), the Broncos maintain a hold on the sixth seed heading into what might be the most brutal final three games in a regular season any team has faced. The New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, and Oakland Raiders all have ten wins and vying for AFC supremacy in 2016.

Not good. For now, however, the Broncos can stay ahead in the playoff hunt with a Patriots win over the Ravens on Monday.

AFC Playoff Picture

  1. New England Patriots (10-2)
  2. Kansas City Chiefs (10-3)
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5)
  4. Houston Texans (7-6)
  5. Oakland Raiders (10-3)
  6. Denver Broncos (8-5)

In the hunt: Miami Dolphins (8-5), Baltimore Ravens (7-5), Tennessee Titans (7-6)