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Horse Tracks: Broncos Aqib Talib did the right thing against the dirty Titans on Sunday

When officials fail to act after such an egregious assault, players must take policing the game into their own hands.

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I thought all this extra-curricular stuff between the Titans and Broncos was over once Cortland Finnegan left Tennessee. Not so!

The Tennessee Titans have continued their tradition of dirty play and lack of playoff success into the modern era.

If this is coming as news to you, I strongly urge you to read Laurie Lattimore-Volkman's comprehensive write-up on the events that took place during and after Sunday's game. Simply put, Titans receiver Harry Douglas dove at Broncos Pro Bowl cornerback Chris Harris, Jr.'s knee in an effort to seriously injure Harris. On the following play, Aqib Talib let Douglas know that kind of bush-league play wasn't going to be tolerated.

Harry Douglas, whose name sounds more like an entry in the urban dictionary for some obscure and degrading intimate act, was not penalized for his effort to take Harris out of the game.

What has the sport come to when a player so egregiously tries to injure another and gets away with it?

If the referees don't police the game, the players have to. If you ask me, Talib and the rest of the defense showed great restraint by only going after Douglas the one time. Dirtbag players need to pay for dirtbag moves and Talib did the right thing, penalty and all, in sending a message that sort of low-rent amateur hogwash doesn't fly in the NFL. Especially since the referees were incapable of sending that message themselves.

Talib vowed to "beat Douglas' ass" the next time they see each other. Talib is just crazy enough to do it... and Douglas deserves every ounce of it.


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