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Broncos highlights and lowlights of 13-10 loss to Titans

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When the defense holds a team to 13 points, but the offense only score 10 then you usually have plenty of both highlights and lowlights to choose from.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

We are resurrecting an old post from years’ past this week. The Era of Peyton Manning made this post kind of infrequent and useless, but that era has passed.

With Sunday’s 13-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans, the Denver Broncos have lost five regular season games for the first time since the Tim Tebow era, so let’s review some of the highlights and lowlights of this disappointing loss.

Tim Lynch

Highlight: Trevor Siemian. Once you get past the ten points issue, you begin to see that Siemian had himself a fine game late and made enough throws to get the Broncos a win on Sunday. A few critical drops and a few critical fumbles was the difference between scoring 24 in an impressive road win and scoring 10 in a deflating road defeat.

Lowlight: Trevor Siemian, Offensive line, Running backs, Coaching, Playcalling, Tight ends, etc. Where are you early in games? That is two straight losses in games where Siemian and the offense do nothing for 2.5 quarters before blowing up late. Are defenses just getting soft late in games or is the playcalling simply horrendous? My guess is that its a little of both. I will say this, Peyton Manning’s 2015 season is looking more and more like it is very under-appreciated. I wonder how often he checked out of bad plays into positive ones during the Broncos Super Bowl run.


Highlight: I'm not picking a player here and instead picking a trait I saw that still shows my Broncos are leaving it all out on the field. We lost a game and it wasn't cute at all. As a matter of fact, it looked fairly pathetic in ways (mainly offensively). Nevertheless, Talib, Sanders, Thomas and the rest of the team played with heart. They had each other's backs and were giving their all to try an win the game. As a fan, that's all I can ever ask of them and seeing the effort they gave gives me a lot of pride in the team.

Lowlight: Gary Kubiak, Rick Dennison, and Clancy Barone. If you haven't seen the picture that has been painted by the 2016 let me clue you in on something: the Broncos offense is completely broken and it has nothing to do with who starts at QB. Our linemen can't run block. Our first half play calling is absolutely pathetic. Our offense has shown no sign of improvement 13 games into the season. It is time to stop calling out the players and start calling out the men in charge of them who aren't doing everything they can to help this team win a game.

Adam Malnati

Highlight: Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. In an offense that can't seem to get anything going, they showed up in a huge way. Double digit catches for both, and over 100 yards receiving for both. The offense is struggling, but they did what they could to drag the team down the field. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough.

Lowlight: A.J. Derby. It is not his fault the Broncos lost. However, the offense was playing well at the time. It was their quarter to shine, and with the game on the line, he fumbled. So, the offense struggled to find the end zone, couldn't put together any real consistent threat, and they still had a chance to come away with a win. Unfortunately for Derby, his fumble is what sealed the Broncos fate.

Jeff Essary

Highlight: Aqib Talib. You don't mess with our guys. Talib sent that message loud and clear. After Harry Douglas cheap shotted Chris Harris Jr., he took it personal. Forget the penalty, if we by some miracle get into the playoffs and wind up playing the Titans again, I can guarantee Douglas won't be doing that again. Message received. Plus, Talib and his No Fly Zone backed it up on the field and held Marcus Mariota to 6 completions. 6! In today's NFL. And only 2 of those were caught by WRs.

Lowlight: Bennie Fowler dropped a sure TD pass on a beautiful laser from Siemian that would have put us up by 1 point and potentially won us the game. Currently no one outside of DT and Emmamuel can be a recieving threat, and that's a problem.

Ian St. Clair

Highlight: The Broncos defense once again kept its team in a game it had no business being in. Unlike the offense, excuses aren’t made. The unit just sucks it up, does its job and gets it done. No Brandon Marshall? So what, next man up better do your job. No Todd Davis? So what, next man up better do your job. When a defense holds its opponent to 13 points, that team should win that game.

Lowlight: Denver’s offense yet again could not put forth a consistent performance. If all you look at is the numbers, you see a story that is incomplete, at best. Take a cue from the defense and don’t make excuses. The only stat that matters: 10 freaking points. Yet some still celebrate that performance, in a loss, no less.

What is your highlight and lowlight from Sunday’s loss in Tennessee?