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Broncos need a much better offensive scheme to beat the Patriots

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Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro note that Bill Belichick could have a field day against this predictable Broncos’ offense, so let’s help our OC out with some creative play calling ideas.

Denver Broncos v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Trevor Siemian was quoted this week as saying the Broncos offense "is capable of doing whatever we want. We’re close to getting it done."

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of The Afternoon Drive aren’t buying it. In fact, Shapiro called Siemian "delusional."

And Shapiro’s biggest gripe is the boring, predictable offensive scheme that Gary Kubiak is putting on the field each week.

"I was here in the 80s and 90s when Dan Reeves was here, and the Dan Reeves offense was run on first down, run on second down, third-and-four? third-and-six? Oh Elway will bail us out," Shapiro said.

And as many of us here know all too well (and are thankful for) - Elway almost always could.

"Gary Kubiak knows his Xs and Os," Shapiro said, noting the Super Bowl rings he has won with the 49ers and Broncos while running the offenses. "But he keeps doing the same thing over and over. You do that against Bill Belichick, a defensive genius, and what do the Broncos think they are going to get done?"

It is a completely fair question - so I’ll ask you. We’ve been debating incessantly for two days whether the biggest problem is coaching versus talent, so let’s move on to solutions.

In spite of the clear lack of talent on the offensive line - but including our most creative plays - what would you suggest this week to beat the Patriots? (by the way, answering, "Make sure the defense gets three pick-sixes and a couple of strip sacks" is not a valid answer...though, certainly a fabulous idea that we should all be praying for on Sunday).

Goodman also pointed out that Matt Patricia, Pats’ defensive coordinator, made a comment that "Broncos still love their tight ends" - a rather ironic statement given the lack of TE plays the Broncos have used consistently.

So, back to the question - give us your best play calls that we are going to send via smoke signal to Mile High on Sunday.

  • More play action?
  • Swing pass to the running back? (Justin Forsett is a darn good pass-catching RB)
  • The Hi-Lo for a quick read in the middle of the field providing single coverage deep on the outside, a safety-valve flat route to the RB, and a secondary crossing route behind the Slot WR?
  • Putting Juwan Thompson to work as a fullback to help lead the running back?
  • Run to the outside maybe?

By many accounts, it could seem an insurmountable task to beat the Patriots next weekend. But it is at Mile High, and Brady and the Pats have a tough time playing there. Broncos are three-point underdogs, but that could be the difference of one team making a key mistake and another capitalizing.

So let’s give Kubiak/Dennison some ideas on how the Broncos offense can keep up with the Patriots - and help make sure the Orange & Blue team is the one capitalizing.

And, of course, there’s always this: