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Broncos favorable stats could mean nothing against the Patriots

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Adam Malnati and Ian St. Clair wonder if there’s any hope for Denver against New England.

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The Denver Broncos seem to have Tom Brady’s number. And Bill Belichick’s. And the New England Patriots’.

Coming into Sunday’s game in Denver, the Broncos are 30-21 all time against New England. They’ve won three of the last four and are 17-9 at home. When it comes to games at a Mile High, Brady is 2-7. The quarterbacks he’s “beat” are Danny Kanell (2003) and Tim Tebow (2011). The QBs who have “beat” Brady in Denver: Brian Griese, Jake Plummer (twice), Kyle Orton, Peyton Manning (twice) and Brock Osweiler. Belichick’s record in Denver with New England is 3-7.

Yeah, when the games are in Denver the Broncos have Brady’s number. And Belichick’s. And the Patriots’.

But something is different this season. Something doesn’t feel right. The usual confidence Denver has for this game has caved-in from a surge of doubt.

That leads Adam Malnati and I to wonder if there’s any hope for the Broncos against New England.

For Denver’s offense, there’s not much. Dare we say, there is none. The only hope is to get off to a torrid pace and score touchdowns. Novel idea since this offense only functions in the fourth quarter when it’s too late. After 13 games, that hot start has happened a grand total of one time, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And that only happened because Aqib Talib got two interceptions and gifted the offense incredible field position.

As for the defense, all Josh McDaniels and Brady will do is put on the Atlanta Falcons game and see how they torched Denver with running back passes. As Adam said, if you need a running back in fantasy football this week, you should pick up Dion Lewis because he will have a monster day. Add in LeGarrette Blount becoming a, blunt-force object, in the middle of the Broncos defense and that’s how you offset Von Miller and that incredible pass rush.

The last inkling of confidence is that when people count Denver out, it responds. But something feels different about Sunday’s game. It doesn’t feel right.

All of this talk about favorable numbers and stats seems like nothing more than false hope.