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Harry Douglas won’t be fined for hit on Chris Harris Jr.; nor Aqib Talib for brawl

No one gets punished for anything. That’s kind of odd, but okay.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

In one of the dirties hits all season, Tennessee Titans wide receiver Harry Douglas purposely targeted Denver Broncos star cornerback Chris Harris Jr.’s knee on a play away from the ball. The video looks pretty damning and Harris looked like he could have suffered a serious injury form the blow.

It took exactly one play for Aqib Talib to take matters into his own hands to let Douglas know that his actions were unacceptable. The ensuing brawl resulted in an unsportsmanlike penalty from Talib and a 15-yard penalty.

Yet, the NFL decided that neither the targeting of a knee, nor the retribution from Talib warranted any sort of fine, per Troy Renck of Denver7 News.

I suppose the league felt both sides took care of it. I am not sure what other logic they could be exercising here other than deciding that Douglas made a legal hit, but that Talib’s reaction was justified as the hit was kind of dirty.

Ironically, the only player to get a fine was Emmanuel Sanders for excessive celebration. So fights and targeting knees = okay. Celebrating a touchdown catch = not okay. Good job, Roger.

Whatever, moving on as they say.