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New England Patriots at Denver Broncos: Live Blog

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The Denver Broncos (8-5) need a win over the New England Patriots (11-2) this week in order to keep that sixth seed in the AFC Playoff hunt.

NFL: AFC Championship-New England Patriots at Denver Broncos Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos threw the ball fifty-one times last week against the league’s 30th ranked pass defense, but only scored ten points. That is a strategy they must ditch today in favor of a heavy dose of Justin Forsett early and often.

Having Trevor Siemian focus on picking up key third downs is the only strategy where this offense will achieve success. The New England Patriots have a much better defense and will likely play to Siemian’s favorite short routes, so the Broncos will also need to get deep in this game to keep their opponent off balance.

Tom Brady won’t likely have too much success throwing the ball, but his Patriots sport one of the NFL’s best rushing attacks. With the run defense being a questionable area for the Broncos defense, expect a lot of LaGarrette Blount in this game.

If the Broncos win those battles above, then they will win this game. It’s a big if for a team that hasn’t done any of those things in recent weeks, but if they are going to right the ship it has to be now.

Broncos vs. Patriots