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Horse Tracks: Putrid offense all but dooms Broncos playoff hopes

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Putrid is a strong word for the Broncos offense... but after scoring only three points on Sunday, is it strong enough?

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This Broncos fan spent most of Sunday's game slumped into the couch with an angry smirk on his face. Granted, I live in New England and will sure hear about yesterday's loss for the next year. What has me more upset than that unpleasant reality is what I saw from the offensive side of the ball.

What had started off as a promising unit, that would shudder to life at times in fits of scoring, has now turned depressingly stagnant. Socially, Broncos Country has turned into a circular firing squad, each fan taking shots at what they perceive to be the problem. Is it the quarterback? The offensive line? The running backs? Tight ends? Wide receivers? Coordinating? Coaching? None of them can say that they aren't the problem.

Trevor Siemian's costly interception and inability to move the ball into scoring position doomed the Broncos. An offensive line incapable of stalling even the most impotent three-man rush doomed the Broncos. Running backs unable to shed tackles and find the end zone doomed the Broncos. Tight ends that can't hold on to the ball doomed the Broncos. The high priced wide receiver who can't haul in passes that hit him in the hands has doomed the Broncos. The laughable sharing of play-calling duties between coach and coordinator doomed the Broncos... and yet between them they can't seem to figure out how to manage their timeouts before the half... The Denver Broncos 2016 season is all but doomed.

Here you have an offensive mastermind at coach who, despite all his best efforts, can't will his team to convert a 3rd down to save his life. That promising unit that flashed during the first half of the season has regressed into a shambling heap of... of... What would you call it? I feel for Gary Kubiak. His offenses have been what put money in his bank and food on his table since he hung up his cleats as a player. Now it's costing him a shot at the playoffs and his staff their jobs in just a few weeks.

My buddy texted me after the game and told me "it's time to emotionally checkout and embrace Christmas." I didn't have the heart to remind him that this offensive fiasco rolls into Arrowhead Stadium on Christmas Day. With two games left in the season, the end has never felt so far away.


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