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Malik Jackson wants to spoil the Denver Broncos season

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After getting a huge contract to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars, it sounds like Malik Jackson is still displeased the Denver Broncos didn’t want to pay him the same money to stay.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive caught up with former Denver Broncos interior defensive lineman Malik Jackson to talk about facing his old team this weekend when Denver travels to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Early in free agency, Jackson signed an incredible six-year, $86.5 million contract with $31.5 million fully guaranteed with the Jaguars. This soon after shunning the Broncos paltry contract offer in the week leading up to Super Bowl 50.

Most Broncos fans have no ill will towards Jackson, but they might if he follows through with his desire to upset the Broncos this Sunday. Right now, most of us certainly miss him in a Broncos uniform!

It’s good to hear from him after nine months. Here’s to Matt Paradis putting him on the flat of his back.

Bonus Listen

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