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Broncos power rankings - Week 16

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So they think we still have a chance?

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Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Get out your blankie, or shot glass because the guys behind desks have decided we have bumps ahead. Two mention Peyton Manning. Heck, I’d kill for his brain as our play calling OC. Give us that. Let him steer this offense. USA Today blamed our defensive front. Not joking. 1 NE* TD and that’s who they point fingers at?

ESPN 13 (LW: 13)

The Broncos were 4-0 to start the season and had a 96 percent chance of making the playoffs, which was best in the league, according to FPI. The Broncos are just 4-6 since, and FPI now gives them a 25 chance of making the playoffs. A win Sunday at the Chiefs would go a long way in improving those odds.

Cowboys, Patriots*, Seahawks

Fox 17 (LW: 13)

Peyton Manning has to be thinking to himself that he might – just might – have been able to do a better job than Trevor Siemian has. The offense has done next to nothing in recent weeks, and though that’s largely due to the lack of a running game, Siemian hasn’t done a good enough job protecting the football. They have a Super Bowl-caliber defense, but they’re not getting the same production on the other side.

Patriots*, Cowboys, Falcons

NFL 15 (LW: 6)

Big drop for a Denver team that has now lost four of six. The defense did its job Sunday. Tom Brady didn't complete a ball until the second quarter. Trevor Siemian, who wasn't phenomenal, is trying to do his job. The running game, meanwhile, might keep everybody out of playoff jobs. Gary Kubiak desperately has tried to inject life into a ground attack that doesn't amount to even a ground scuffle without C.J. Anderson, signing Justin Forsett off the street, then starting him over the once-upon-a-time heir apparent, Devontae Booker. Why circle this instead of team-wide failures in key moments? Because the Broncos face Justin Houston and friends, then Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin (who had two sacks Sunday) on New Year's Day.

Patriots*, Cowboys, Raiders

CBS 10 (LW: 9)

Their offense, as it showed against the Patriots, has been too limited this season. The champs are about done.

Patriots*, Cowboys, Raiders

ProFootballTalk 13 (LW: 9)

That "sub-optimal, near replacement-level" quarterbacking from 2015 is suddenly looking pretty good.

Patriots*, Cowboys, Giants

USA Today 16 (LW: 14)

Defensive backs continue to earn their "no fly zone" reputation. But we have to consider dubbing defensive front "open borders."

Patriots*, Cowboys, Raiders

SB Nation 20 (LW: 13)

When Trevor Siemian went down with an injury and first-round pick — but still raw — Paxton Lynch was forced into action, it made sense that the team struggled to score points. But Siemian is back and the Broncos have put up just 13 points in the last two weeks.

With playoff hopes dwindling and back-to-back games against the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders up next, it looks bleak for Denver. The team is struggling to run the ball, committing too many turnovers, and the defense just isn’t enough to win games alone.

Patriots*, Cowboys, Falcons

ProFootballFocus 13 (LW: 13)

Offense 26, Defense 1

So, Broncos Country, what do you think? Is an average of 14.6 rank right? 14 means they think we cant make the PO’s. Do you agree?