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Broncos not only believe in Trevor Siemian through 2017, but even beyond

Warning: This video contains foul language.

As Brandon Perna from That’s Good Broncos explained above, the Denver Broncos problems on offense stretch well beyond Trevor Siemian. He did a great job explaining why fans need to get off his back and focus on the other problems this team has.

To back that up, there are now reports that the Broncos are not only comfortable with Siemian through 2016, but through 2017 and beyond.

"They've all told me, because of the hits Trevor Siemian has taken, because he's played through injury," Palmer explained to Andrew Siciliano, "they have gained an immense amount of respect for their quarterback."

That confidence and respect extends from the coaching staff as well. Denver's offensive coaches have been pushing Siemian heavily, citing his calm demeanor and ability to overcome the typical mistakes of a first-year starter.

The coaching staff is so impressed that they are not just talking about next year, they are talking about Siemian for good.

"Talking to people within the building," Palmer continued, "the thought process is that even though they picked Paxton Lynch in the first round, Trevor Siemian is in mind to be the guy moving forward for the next couple of seasons."

If we throw draft pedigree out the window and judge solely by NFL game film, that statement should come as no surprise. Lynch isn't ready to run Gary Kubiak's offense -- and might not be ready to challenge Siemian until 2018 or later.

It appears the kid will get a chance to put multiple years under his belt, which will give everyone a good chance to really know if he is the guy for the future.

It’s no secret that the Broncos’ defense is a championship caliber defense, so this drama will unfold with that window still open. There will be no better opportunity to succeed early in their career than Siemian with this defensive unit.

All they need to do is improve from the 29th best offensive line in terms of sack rate and 28th in yards per run play.

So what say you Broncos Country? Are you ready for a decade of Trevor Siemian quarterbacking the Denver Broncos?

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