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Should the Denver Broncos target Christian McCaffrey in the draft?

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Drafting Christian McCaffrey doesn’t necessarily address the offensive line, but it would add an explosive element to an offense desperate for some.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive discussed how much responsibility John Elway should take for the failure of the Denver Broncos to reach the playoffs in 2016.

They made good points that the coaching staff should not be safe, but also discussed the roster deficiencies that are entirely on Elway’s failure to put together an offensive line over the last two seasons.

Goodman ended the segment with a suggestion that Elway should put those needs aside and target Christian McCaffrey in first round of the 2017 NFL Draft and pick up offensive line and defensive line help in later rounds.

My first reaction was “that’s crazy” and my second reaction was “need explosive running back”. Maybe I don’t hate this idea after all.

Bonus Listen

The biggest issue on offense hasn’t really been talent. It has been leadership. The void left by Peyton Manning was clearly evident over the last three games. They won’t fix that by next season, so what they need is explosiveness. It’s the only bridge from now to when that Manning void is ultimately filled.