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Can the Broncos get the run game going against the Raiders?

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Could Lynch, Forsett, Heuerman, Krieger-Coble be the key for a run game in Week 17?

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images

When Justin Forsett had his monster year in Baltimore, he had a tall QB and Gary Kubiak. Sunday will basically be a pre-season game for us. A time to see what we have, try new things. I'm hoping Kubiak throws out the play book, Rico play calling and just goes balls to the walls with only he and Greg Knapp. Justin Forsett playing beside another tall QB could help that approach.

Oakland wants to win this game. Their defense knows it'll be on them to go full gorilla mode because even if we play a bunch of back-up guys, our defense is still good. If Chris Harris, Jr and Aqib Talib play, which they may because we're short on CB depth, Matt McGloin will have a long day.

I doubt Kubiak will want to see Matt Paradis play because risking further injury to his hips, which need surgery, would be bad for our future in a meaningless game. If that's the case, putting in the beat up looking Trevor Siemian from last week may not be the smart thing to do. There's nothing to gain from that.

We know how Trevor plays. We've seen his best, the second half against the Chiefs and his worst, Christmas night. There's nothing to be gained by playing him when you know this is a preseason game. Kubiak himself said, time to move on to 2017. If Kubes is planning on splitting reps in practice, that hurts both Trevor and Paxton. Hurts the entire offense. Time to get a jump on 2017 and get the new guys some real game experience against a tough team.

Hate me all you want, but there's a chance Siemian is not a Bronco next year. Like it or not, the reality is John Elway moved up to get Paxton Lynch. Siemian did not play well enough this year to show he's worth sitting Lynch another year. My guess is they will spend every moment from now until August on a full court press working on Lynch.

In the Navy, transitional guys are moved to other commands. Keeping them there messes with leadership and chain of command. The transitional guy is moved to a new command because the new guy taking his spot needs full loyalty. No division. Out of sight, out of mind. The new guy is given all the tools to take over and lead with no distractions from the temp guy. The Navy is 100% about leadership. Not to mention, the transitional guy isn't kept around for his own good, as well. He won't have to answer to the new guy, or harbor resentment. He'll get a clean slate elsewhere. A QB needs the same.

Based on this, Elway could trade Siemian. Lynch is given the tools and let loose to take ownership of the team with no split loyalties or distractions. Same for the team. So risking more injury to him may not help Trevor’s trade value. Not to mention, I have no doubt Gary would love to see Trevor get a shot as a starter on another team. It's highly unlikely, behind a back-up center, poor RT and Khalil Mack bearing down on him he's able to play like the second KC game. If he can't do that, all he'd be doing is risking more injury and any trade value. He's a giant bruise.

Time to give the rookies some more playing time. Lets see Connor McGovern wherever they play him. James Ferentz at Center. More Henry Krieger-Coble. More Paxton Lynch. More Jeff Heuerman, who is a first year player.

More Forsett. How they play will have an effect on next season. If they can build a nucleus for a run game, our entire offense will benefit. Players who get the ball, are happy players. A 55-45 pass to run would make us what Kubiak envisions and could have, but that isn't happening unless Lynch can help the run.

Let’s see if we can build off last week in the lone postive, a glimmer of a run game. With a healthy Lynch and his scrambling skills, let's see if the three BIG guys and Forsett can get a groove going. Let's see, let's see, let's see.

I didn't list Devontae Booker because Justin Forsett playing next to Lynch is a better combo. He can talk to Paxton and the big guys. His veteran skills can help them learn. He can tell them what he sees, he can kill a play. Build some chemistry. Book can be the relief guy. Oakland wants to win. They're going to be playing full on defense.

We need to see if HKC and Forsett should stay on the 53. Going into ‘17 with four TEs and three viable RBs would give me shivers of exceitment. We've got three WRs we know are keepers, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders and Jordan Taylor. If we could draft a slot, we'd be set on guys who touch the ball.

Leave Stephenson at RT and then cut him. If he wants a chance to play ever again, he should show other teams he's worth signing by playing like he cares. If he wants to retire, then play Ty with Billy Turner as a 6th OL because he is a question mark.

Knowing that Virgil Green, AJ Derby, and Andy Janovich will be there next year is more to look forward to. Same with the return of Kapris Bibbs. If Denver can draft a good RB, maybe CJ Anderson gets cuts. He’s been hurt every year, and it's doubtful he'll come back better. Sad to say, but true.

On defense, keep TJ Ward out. Will Parks and Justin Simmons need more playing time. Same for Jared Crick and Adam Gotsis. Time to step up their game. Except for Wolfe, all our interior guys must show something on Sunday. Zaire Anderson may be the best of who’s left. Don't exprect to see Derek Wolfe or Sylvester Williams.

Our defense needs to find a new Malik and the whole defense run stop will improve. Don't think we have that guy on our team, so on Sunday let's see Wade Phillips try different combos and get evaluation time. Oakland won't be playing like it's a preseason game.

All in all, we can look at Sunday in gloom and as a learning tool. No one improves from perfection. It's through mistakes we see what to work on. Sunday can be a game for many of our guys to get much needed experience. For our coaches to have more tape to evaluate on these players.

To see if Lynch, Heuerman, Krieger-Coble and Forsett, against very tough odds can get clicking, create some chemistry and start building a future together. We need that. To find any positives to grasp on to because this off season is going to be long. Very Long. Here's to hope and a run game! Go Broncos!