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Paxton Lynch a long way off according to Pro Football Focus

PFF hasn’t liked Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch much this year. They are probably right on both counts.

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The good news for us is that Pro Football Focus was able to grade 174 snaps on Denver Broncos first round rookie quarterback, Paxton Lynch, this year. The bad news for us is that they didn’t like what they saw.

26. Paxton Lynch, QB, Broncos (Memphis)

Snaps: 174

PFF overall grade: 40.2

Since midseason, Paxton Lynch received one more opportunity to get on the field, with an injury to Trevor Siemian giving him the start in Week 13 against Jacksonville. He was arguably worse than his previous start, completing only 12 passes for 104 yards (just 4.3 yards per attempt). Lynch may be the QB of the future in Denver, but everything he has shown so far says that future is a long way off.

PFF has been giving Trevor Siemian poor grades all year along as well, much to the chagrin of some fans. The fact of the matter was, the Broncos just didn’t have a starting-quality option at the position in 2016.

Be glad the Broncos are not the Los Angeles Rams. Their upper management forced Jared Goff onto the field before he was ready and the results were disastrous. Well, that might be a bit strong since the Rams were already a disaster when he go onto the field.

Here is how Lynch stacked up to both Goff and Carson Wentz, the other two first round quarterbacks in 2016.

1. Jared Goff, QB, Rams (California)

Snaps: 345

PFF overall grade: 42.9

The decision to play Jared Goff eventually came down from on high before head coach Jeff Fisher was ultimately fired for his body of work this season, and so far, Goff has shown why Fisher was reluctant to put him in sooner. The former Cal standout has looked every bit like a rookie struggling to adjust, and a poor offensive line with limited receiving weaponry hasn’t aided his cause. The best the team can hope for is that this experience is constructive, and not harmful for Goff’s future prospects.

2. Carson Wentz, QB, Eagles (North Dakota State)

Snaps: 1,038

PFF overall grade: 77.3

Carson Wentz began the season on fire, but has steadily declined since then (though he did produce a quality outing against Washington in Week 14). After beginning his career with a record-breaking streak of pass attempts without an interception, Wentz has now thrown at least one pick in six straight games, and 13 in his last 10 performances. The jury is still out on what Wentz can become, but his upside is still significant.

Neither quarterback has been very good as Wentz has seen his overall graded buoyed by the incredible start to his career.

The jury is still out on all of these quarterbacks, but of the three Wentz has impressed those at PFF the most, while they are skeptical of both Goff and Lynch in the long-term.