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Horse Tracks: A new day may be dawning

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And it's rising a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean

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Let me say this up front, I'm never excited when players get hurt on our team. And the only player I may give a little...alright, a big smile being slightly hurt, is Tom Brady*. Other than that, not a fan because I'm a mom and I've seen my kid laid out on the field not moving. Being way up in the stands and feeling helpless. I'm not going to rejoice in the pain of one of our own being hurt. It's a shame Trevor got injured. I wanted Lynch to earn his starting spot, not get it by default.

With that said, if an injury opens the door for a player I've been waiting for since day 1 of rookie practice, well to rip off the lyrics of The Pointer Sisters, "I'm so excited and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it. Oh, yeah!" Don't @ with the rest of the lyrics or the song's meaning. I know, I know, but those two lines are killa and it's what's been in my head since Tuesday. I'm sure those who saw an opportunity for Brock last year, can fully understand. Peyton Manning being hurt wasn't ideal, but it gave those who saw Brent as the future, a chance to get it going. They didn't have malice towards PFM, just impatient to turn the page to the next chapter.

Unless you've been in Greenland or flying across the planet without wifi, you know that Paxton Lynch is starting against the Jags. Which really isn't news since Trevor Siemian showed up with a boot on Tuesday. Sorry, but one shoulder and one foot doesn't scream, play me.

Why am I so excited besides the fact I like this guy? Because if Kubiak or Rick Dennison (insert emoji with a zipped mouth) don't hog tie him, Paxton has the chance to breathe some life into this offense. This stale, boring offense. Plus, if Kubiak keeps insisting on playing Ty, whom I've pointed out more than once, is why Lynch was sacked three times in Atlanta (and no help for Siemian, either), then we need a QB who can RUN. My hope though is that he goes left, too.

I don't care if Lynch is merely average (17th), if he gets the run game going. If he throws an interception as long as he's slinging the rock around. Hitting receivers in stride between the numbers and downfield. Let him toss some screens, too. He's a tall dude, if a defender is rushing in, he has the touch to toss it over him.

Here's my prediction: if Lynch can improve upon his performance from Atlanta (please, Lord, no Ty) and wins Sunday and next week, Trevor is done barring a catastrophe. Yes, I said next week. The guy isn't even dressing out Sunday. If he's that bad off, that means he's looking at 2-4 weeks. A right handed QB needs his left foot or else he has no torque, no zip. Trevor doesn't have the arm strength to muscle balls in. He's not coming back for Tennessee unless Lynch soils the sheets.

I don't see Kubiak ping ponging back and forth this close to the end of the season unless he's forced to. That was the bomb drop in Englewood and why the gloominess. Trevor has been on the injury report since week four. Think about that. The coaches must. Siemian was hurt often in college, too. If we make it to the PO's what are the chances he doesn't injure his shoulder or foot/ankle, again? Or something else because if you've ever pulled a muscle in a leg, you end up getting hurt elsewhere, too because you're moving your body differently, using weaker muscles. Anyone who's ever had a severe sprain, know it takes months to completely heal. This means there's a very good chance that this is it. Their hand was forced to move on to Lynch sooner than they wanted.

Trevor and our offense have been mired down in the bottom to mid 20's all season. If Lynch can get this offense to break into the top 15, if he can string together some equal quarters of play, even if it means using an offense less to Kubiak's liking, how do they go back to Trevor? Switch back to him in say week 16? Even if you don't like anything about Lynch, if you want a playoff shot, you better hope he does well. If he does poorly, Austin Davis or a wounded Trevor, like the 1st SD game, will be played. No one wants that. Trevor coming back too soon and playing bad, hurts his future as a QB. He's not Peyton Manning. If we thought we were now in week to week play, this is nothing. We now have a serious QB issue that hopefully is the beginning of a bright new day. A beautiful orange and navy day.

Horse Tracks

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