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What does Paxton Lynch have to do to become the Broncos starter for the rest of the season?

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The Afternoon Drive asked the question on Friday and the answer may upset some.

Paxton Lynch is the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos ... at least for Sunday.

Eric Goodman posed the question to Les Shapiro on Friday’s The Afternoon Drive: If Lynch is terrific on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars, do you to stick with him, even if Trevor Siemian is healthy?

“Yes, I do,” Shapiro said. “I do. Why hasn’t he played? Because they keep telling us he’s not ready. If he looks ready against a pretty good defense, on the road, why not? The offense has been so up and down, mainly down, that if they’re up most of the game Sunday morning against Jacksonville, why wouldn’t you continue to go with the hot hand? You need a hot hand. You’re fighting for a playoff spot.”

Bonus listen

MHR’s Tim Lynch joined the show to talk about Malik Jackson playing his former team.