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Speculation among Indy media that Peyton Manning in consideration for Colts’ GM

It’s mere speculation at this point, so as long as they’re going there, let’s talk about Manning coming back to Denver.

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Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

While the Broncos are potentially gearing up for some personnel changes on the field perhaps sooner in the offseason rather than later, there is speculation (read: rumors probably started by hopeful insiders who convince local “journalists” to say something) that Peyton Manning could be in line for a role with the Indianapolis Colts after likely personnel changes there next week.

On Indianapolis’ The Fan 1070 yesterday, local reporters Bob Kravitz and John Michael Vincent both considered how likely such a scenario might actually be for Jim Irsay’s Colts.

The excellent bloggers at Stampede Blue excerpted a few minutes of the conversation:

JMV: Well, honestly, things – what I’ve heard – are most recently there’s not the clearest of visions and/or paths right now, which would have to worry people that would think that a change should and will be made, and this is what I get a lot, and I don’t know if you are as well: how much do you think he would really like to bring Peyton Manning back in some type of organizational position here, because listen, these things are too strong for them all to be wrong here.

Kravitz: Yeah. I think a whole lot.

JMV: I do too.

Kravitz: I think a whole lot. And again, let me preface this by saying I don’t know for sure. But it would not shock me if Peyton Manning came back on the white horse. It wouldn’t shock me to find out later on down the line that Jim has been putting the full court press on him. Yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least, because that’s one of the things that’s come across my desk.

JMV: Clearly you’ve heard the stories of the reunion weekend and the late night conversations about this that are leading us down this particular path.

Kravitz: Yeah. Yeah. ...I would not rule [Jon Gruden] out completely, but I’m hearing a lot of the Peyton stuff too, but nothing solid.

JMV: What do you think about that idea? Let’s just say, hypothetically, that’s it. Let’s just say hypothetically he’d be willing not to take ownership, part ownership, of a team moving forward and take a decision-making job organizationally in some capacity, how would you feel about that?

Kravitz: Well I think it’s risky, but I think it’s high risk, high reward. I think, look, the guy is brilliant when it comes to football and he’s got the beautiful mind when it comes to the game, and I think that he would learn very quickly. But one of the things with John Elway - and believe me, Peyton Manning would love to get over on John Elway in this capacity – but John Elway was the general manager of the Denver AFL team for a little while, so he had some experience in scouting and dealing with salary caps and things like that. But I think if Peyton were to come back he would surround himself with a lot of people who have been in the business, who know the ropes, and could show him the ropes.


I know the Colts were your first team and that you have tons of respect for city of Indianapolis and loyalty to its fans. I commend your unbelievable ability to forgive and forget how you were pushed out of Indy in favor of the young up-and-comer.

So I get it.

But the Broncos need you more. Much more. Did you see the Broncos’ offense this year? Yeah, neither did we.

That’s why you can’t go to Indy. Your allegiance needs to be to the team who resurrected your pro career and proved it would spend whatever it would take to put together a championship team.

I pleaded with you a month ago to come back to the NFL, but I apparently was not clear enough - COME BACK TO DENVER!


I’m sure the title of “GM” is enticing, but c’mon...we all know you’ll love coaching more, helping other quarterbacks master a position you hold so dear and outsmarting defenses from the sideline just like you used to from the line of scrimmage.

I know Coach Kubiak’s offense isn’t exactly your thing, but it’s apparently not Denver’s either. With two young QBs and a horrendous play caller in place at offensive coordinator, the two things this team needs most - a leader and a brilliant football mind - are exactly the two things you have in abundance.

We are begging you to share.

But only in Denver. :)