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Horse Tracks: Twitter spats erupt in Denver as Broncos miss the playoffs

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What is going on in Denver? When the wins stop, the fangs come out.

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On Christmas Day, it quickly became apparent that the Denver Broncos had no intention of making the post-season. After the soaring highs of 2015's Super Bowl championship, the premature end of Broncos football has hit players, fans, and even members of the media especially hard.

Wednesday of this week was an interesting day for those of us on social media. Twitter spats erupted between unlikely adversaries, some getting remarkably personal. Others just had the implied undertone that a butt-kicking might take place.

First there was this:

James Merilatt is the President of Mile High Sports was poking fun at comparisons that Klis had made regarding the Broncos touchdown bereft quarterback and Tom Brady. Personally, I thought it was funny. Mike Kils, KUSA Broncos insider, did not think it was as funny as I did.

Then Merilatt responded.

Merilatt served as Publications Coordinator for the Broncos from 2002-2005.

Then Benjamin Allbright, who works for Mile High Sports, chimed in. It also has to be noted that of all these guys to follow on Twitter, Allbright's feed is far and away the best.

Something that has to be mentioned in this is that the Broncos twitter account chimed into this spat by 'liking' Klis' responses to Merilatt. However, those likes have since been rescinded.

Was Merilatt poking the bear by photo-shopping a pair of orange glasses on Mike Klis? Did Mike Klis take it too far by drop kicking Merilatt in the groin with the 'bitter ex-employee' stuff? Why was this on twitter in the first place?

Also on Wednesday evening there was a brief firestorm from Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders directed toward 104.3 THE FAN's Darren McKee, co-host of THE DRIVE. On THE DRIVE, D-Mac said that Sanders was a selfish player and, between the back and forth banter with fill-in host, Tyler Polumbus, Sanders believed that he was called 'a cancer' in the Broncos locker-room. That's when the tweets rolled in.

I'd show you the actual tweets, but they've since been scrubbed from Sanders' timeline. Here's the gist of what was said. Sanders was furious. He demanded to be a guest on THE DRIVE so that McKee could tell him to his face what he said on the air. When D-Mac didn't respond, Sanders tweeted to Polumbus with the same plea. Then in another tweet he declared that only an in-person interview would be allowed so that they could sit face to face. It all had something of a menacing undertone to it, in my humble opinion.

Thursday night, THE DRIVE addressed the kerfuffle and clarified that nobody actually called Sanders 'a cancer.' However, McKee stood by his comments about Sanders being selfish and posited that Sanders could be in the offing for a trade to shore up the offensive line (I think that's a horrible idea... I just bought a Sanders jersey just after Christmas and I'd be personally devastated).

I don't know if Sanders is coming in on Monday. The deleted tweets make me think that Sanders (or someone within the Broncos organization) wants to forget this whole thing. I do think it's funny that McKee wanted to wait until his regular co-host Alfred Williams was there... as though Sanders might throw a chair or something at D-Mac. Perhaps it may be a good call to have a large fella there to help keep the peace just in case.

I think MHR's own Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann had the right idea. If anyone can get to the bottom of the feud between Sanders and D-Mac, it's her.

What a wild week! The Broncos get eliminated from the post-season and sports media personalities are sniping at one another in a public forum. My personal favorite wide receiver for the Broncos gets into it with the host of my favorite Denver sports radio show. When the wins stop, the fangs come out and, man, it can get ugly.


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