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Broncos could lose Wade Phillips

Denver’s defensive coordinator is set to become a free agent soon after the season ends unless a negotiation is signed.

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There have been a handful of questionable decisions when it comes to the Denver Broncos, but this takes the cake.

According to Tom Pelissero, Wade Phillips is set to become a free agent. Pelissero reports that Phillips’ contract is set to expire soon after the season ends, opening the possibility he could coach elsewhere next season. When Phillips was signed to become the Broncos’ defensive coordinator in January 2015, he signed a two-year contract.

As Pelissero said:

The sides discussed an extension after Phillips’ top-ranked defense drove Denver’s Super Bowl title run last season, but they never agreed to terms, said the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity because contract matters were to remain private.

Now here we are.

John Elway must maintain the cohesion on the defense, and Phillips is the glue that makes it work. The last two years have produced two of the best seasons Denver has seen from the defense, and it’s the only reason it was in the discussion for the playoffs this season. His defense remains at the top of most statistical categories, including yards per play (first), yards per pass play (first), sacks per pass play (third) and third-down efficiency (seventh). The rush defense took a big hit, but the loss of Vance Walker foretold that in the preseason.

He’s certainly not showing signs of slowing down either. As his 46th season comes to a close and his 70th birthday fast approaches, Pelissero said Phillips has given no indication he will retire. Anytime Phillips speaks, and adds his witty sense of humor, you see how much he loves this.

That means negotiations need to go like this: Elway and the Broncos will write a number down, Phillips and his side will counter with a number and they go with that number.

In other words, the Broncos defense is the only aspect that makes sense, so why add even more fog to a situation that’s pretty damn thick right now? Do whatever it takes to keep Phillips in the Mile High City, and make it happen yesterday.