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Gary Kubiak shuffling coaches around isn’t going to cut it

It’s time to bring in fresh ideas to the Denver Broncos. John Elway should not let Gary Kubiak’s loyalty get in the way of winning.

The biggest questions surrounding the Denver Broncos right now is how John Elway and Gary Kubiak will handle any coaching changes heading into 2017.

For fans, the biggest head on the proverbial chopping block is offensive coordinator Rick Dennison.

Why Dennison should be demoted and/or fired.

Just look at his track record as offensive coordinator. He has consistently suffocated the point production of his offenses every single year he has been an offensive coordinator.

Some data compiled by gyldenlove of The Orange Mane shows just how bad Dennison is as an offensive coordinator.

By head coach and offensive coordinator combinations:

Shanahan - Kubiak: 25.2
Shanahan - Dennison: 21
Mcdaniels - Mccoy: 20.8
Studesville - Mccoy: 22
Fox - Mccoy: 24.4
Fox - Gase: 32.3
Kubiak - Dennison: 21.5

By what measure of success is Kubiak using to justify keeping this position for Dennison? I only have one; loyalty.

What changes are likely to happen?

Mike Klis from 9News discussed these coaching changes with DMac and Big Al on The Drive on Tuesday.

DMac suggested that the most likely move would be demoting Dennison to offensive line coach and Greg Knapp to offensive coordinator. That would lead Clancy Barone out of a job.

Is this really a good choice or just putting a new band-aid on a still-fresh wound?

Has Peyton Manning, Brock Osweiler, Trevor Siemian, and Paxton Lynch really developed all that well under Knapp? I’d say they mostly weren’t very good under his tutelage.

What actually needs to happen is Elway just needs to force Kubiak to evolve.

What Elway should force Kubiak to do.

Kubiak needs to hire an outside talent for offensive coordinator. Someone who is a proven innovator and an up-and-comer. Then Kubiak needs to give up playcalling completely and focus on being the head coach.

Our own Chris Hart could think of three possible options that could work for the Broncos.

Mike Munchak

Munchak went to the Pittsburgh Steelers as their offensive line coach after being fired from a head coaching job with the Tennessee Titans. All he has done is drastically improve the teams offensive line play that spearheads one of the NFL’s best offenses.

Darryl Drake

Current Arizona Cardinals wide receiver coach, Drake could be a good fit to make the jump to offensive play calling. He would immediately help Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders with creative technique and playcalling. His inexperience would also give Kubiak the freedom to keep calling plays through 2017.

Mike Bajakian

The guy that I’d like to see the most is Bajakian. He has only been in the NFL for five seasons after a stint as offensive coordinator at the University of Tennessee. As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterbacks coach, he has overseen the development of Jamies Winston. His skills there would be invaluable as the Broncos currently have two young quarterbacks in desperate need of some quality coaching.