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10 things the Denver Broncos should do this offseason

There are a lot of things the Denver Broncos must address, but here is a list of ten that I would like to see John Elway accomplish.

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Tomorrow will be sad. Sad the season is over, sad DeMarcus Ware may not be playing ever again. Sad several players will be seeing their final game. Last year at this time, we let out a roar when Peyton Manning trotted out and racked up 20 points. A win that sealed our fate as SB50 Champs.

What a game that was. Tomorrow we won't be seeing Peyton after the half, we'll be seeing his successor, Paxton Lynch. We'll also be seeing other little seen guys. Like Kyle Peko and Billy Turner. Unlike that game a year ago, this one will have no impact. It'll be little more than an exhibition game and most likely not enough time for anyone to show us much. Just some needed game experience. We'll most likely see another "L" because it's what's best for our draft order. How revolting, accepting a loss to the stinkin' Raiders.

Speaking of which, we could also be seeing the last of some coaches. Hard to imagine John Elway leaves things the way they are. Going out with a planned loss against the KISS wannabes. Yuck. Our offense has stunk for two years. Granted, our QB play hasn't been stellar- one was old and broken, two mediocre and one brand spanking new with about six days of full practice with the ones. Not exactly conducive to seeing whatever it is Gary wants. Add in an inconsistent OL and an apathetic run game and you've got the dregs of the NFL.

However, good offensive coordinators find ways to make their players better by adjusting the scheme and calls to what they have. That hasn't been done in two years. The only time we've seen any play calling that was exciting was when Lynch played in Tampa and the second half of the second KC game. Not once, in two years has any of the four QBs had a full game of equal play. A few drives here and then, but overall, yuck.

I dare say, some items on my list may be on Elway's, too. Santa already came and went and left some Christmas coal for our 2016 season. When I make my 2017 toast to a new year, here's the wish I'll kiss on.

  1. Hire Trent Baalke. Denver needs someone else in charge of the player personnel department. An outsider. Someone Elway can work with. Our scouting department is weak. Time for them to actually attend, in person, games. To watch more than three game tapes. When there are good schools we don't even have scouts go to a single game, something is wrong. You can’t evaluate a player from a report someone hands you. Watch their sideline behavior, ask them questions person to person before and after a game.
  2. Give Rick Dennison a gold Broncos watch and wish him a nice life. Hire an outside play calling Offensive Coordinator. Emphasis on play calling. If Gary Kubiak doesn't retire due to health issues having someone else handle that duty will not only relive some stress from him, but modernize his scheme for the 21st century. After two years and four QBs it's plain the scheme is a problem. If we hire Baalke, Greg Roman could be a good choice. When Roman worked with Colin Kaepernik and Tyrod Taylor, he he did wonders for them. Two QBs Elway was interested in. It's not a coincidence both played for Roman. IF GK is done, Kyle Shannahan, Jim Harbaugh or Jon Gruden are tops if my list for HC. All offensive minded coaches who play KICKING AND SCREAMING.
  3. Build a scheme around the personnel we have and draft/hire the missing pieces. Teams that are good, that finish year in and year out almost always have teams built around their QB. That means playing for what they have, not wish. Cut the crap with the QB competition. You moved up to get a one, time to go all in. Put your time and effort on him. IF Roman could make Kaep and Tyrod look good, think what he could do for Paxton Lynch and by extension, our entire offense.
  4. Draft a tight end. One who grew too big to be a wide receiver.
  5. Get a NT. A mean one. An extra large Aqib Talib.
  6. Keep Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders and Jordan Taylor. Adios the rest. Draft a slot guy.
  7. Draft the right offensive linemen for the scheme the new offensive coordinator wants.
  8. Draft a RB who's also dangerous in the back field. One who's known for yards after contact. One who'd feel right at home when KC fans start their stolen chant.
  9. Hire Peyton in whatever capacity he wants. Film guru, QB coach, OC. President. GM. Elway and Manning would make a great team.
  10. Buy a LT and a RT in free agency.
  11. Give me season tickets and a press pass.

Make those ten things happen and we'll be winning from now on, for years to come. The 11th is a gift from Joe and John for telling them what they need. I'm sure my recliner QBing is worth far more, but I'll accept the token gift with gratitude.