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Broncos live: Paxton Lynch shrugs off shaky start and has looked okay through one quarter of play

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Paxton Lynch gets his second start of the year and after a rough first couple of throws is at least moving the football in the first quarter.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos lost the opening coin toss and the Jacksonville Jaguars were happy to have their woeful offense open things up to start the game.

From under center, Paxton Lynch hands off to Devontae Booker who gains a short two yards. On second down, Lynch tries a quick step slant to Demaryius Thomas that was badly overthrown. Third and long wasn’t much better as Lynch, from the shotgun, overthrows Emmanuel Sanders at the first down sticks.

Riley Dixon gets the punt inside the 20 for 58 yards, setting the Broncos defense up with good field position to try to stop Blake Bortles and the Jaguars first possession.

After a short run, Bortles overthrew his receiver as Chris Harris Jr. blanketed his guy in coverage. After a false start penalty, Bortles on third and twelve hits his tight end on a short swing pass for minimal gain.

Lynch rolled out on play action to hit Thomas for a fourteen yard gain and a first down. From under center, Lynch was hit as he threw and the ball still got to A.J. Derby for a short three yard gain.

Moving the ball now, Booker takes a handoff for another three yards to setup a third and four. Lynch, from the gun, hit Thomas for another first down for a ten yard gain.

Another short run set up the offensive line to rear its ugly head for the first time in this game with a sack on Lynch to setup a third and eleven. From the shotgun, Lynch was nearly sacked right off the bat but somehow got the ball to Booker on a screen pass for a short gain and a fourth down.

A four yard run and a three yard run setup a third and very short for the Jaguars on their next series. Bortles would throw it incomplete with Bradley Roby breaking up the pass to force a punt.

Lynch would hit Sanders on a quick slant that turned into a 12 yard gain and a first down thanks to some nifty running from Sanders.

Another run play up the middle netted another two yards.

Another quick slant to Thomas for six yards set up a third and two for the Broncos.

Lynch faced a busted play that was supposed to be a screen pass to Derby, but he pulled the ball down to try to run. The Jaguars had it covered, so Lynch threw the ball up to Virgil Green who, frankly, should have caught the ball. Not bad at all for the rookie all things considering.

Two quick short runs from the Jaguars put Bortles into another third and long situation. Facing their third consecutive three and out to start the game, Bortles hit Brian Walters who was wide open for a fourteen yard gain.

Another two short run plays to open up the series set up yet another third and six for Bortles and the Jaguars. On a wildly lucky play, the Broncos batted the pass up into the air that would be caught by the Jaguars receiver for a big gain and a first down inside Broncos territory.

After a short run by the Jaguars, Bortles would throw an incomplete pass to setup a third and nine. Bortles was hit has he threw and the pass sailed incomplete. The Jaguars punt to end the first quarter.