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Horse Tracks: Paxton Lynch needs more time to develop for the Denver Broncos

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While the kid played with heart on Sunday, it became clear that the rookie is not yet ready to take the reins of the Broncos offense.

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Okay, I admit it. I was wrong. While not as virulent a supporter of giving Paxton Lynch the nod as starter as some of my Mile High Report cohorts, I did believe that working out the kinks of quarterbacking on the job would have been the best way to speed his development into a full-time starter.

After yesterday, I can see why the Broncos stuck with Trevor Siemian. Although raw, Trevor - are you ready for this? - gives the Broncos the best chance to win.

What Broncos fans saw out of Paxton Lynch on Sunday was a rookie who needed to work on timing, footwork, and accuracy. While not the lowest passing total of the season, Sunday's 104-yards against a team that's likely to be picking top-three in next year's draft is an absolute embarrassment.

Let's be honest, both Siemian and Lynch have had to play behind one of the worst offensive lines anyone can remember. They have nominal run support. The play-calling has all the pizazz of an early preseason game. Player frustration with this offense radiates through the television with every dropped pass or almost intercepted ball. It's not a fun offense to watch and it has to be maddening to play within it.

Simply put, 104-passing yards isn't going to get it done against the Broncos remaining schedule. Lynch is still not ready. So, considering the less than ideal conditions conditions on offense and the Broncos current sixth-position in playoff seeding, the best chance to make the postseason lies under the field direction of Trevor Siemian.  Paxton Lynch may yet develop into the Broncos quarterback of the future, but after what I saw yesterday, the future has never felt so far away.


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