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Gary Kubiak hopeful Trevor Siemian will start on Sunday

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The Denver Broncos might have Trevor Siemian on Sunday, but they might be without Brandon Marshall and Kapri Bibbs.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

In news that should give many Denver Broncos fans a little comfort, head coach Gary Kubiak noted that Trevor Siemian was out of the boot and walking around this weekend. He is hopeful that the quarterback will be ready to go for Sunday.

That is a slightly different take than Kubiak had immediately after the game on Sunday, which means he likely had time to go watch tape on Paxton Lynch’s footwork.

“There is progress,” Kubiak said of Siemian’s injury on Sunday. “He was out of the boot. He was walking around. I don’t know how much he did before the game today. I don’t think he did anything really, but he’s out of the boot and walking. He was involved all week so it’s a process and we’ll have to see when he gets back.”

This is one injury we will be monitoring closely all week.

In other injury news, both Brandon Marshall and Kapri Bibbs may not make the trip to Tennessee either.

For a team with very little margin of error, those two injuries may hurt badly.