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Broncos offense limps to a victory

After the Broncos win in Jacksonville, the Afternoon Drive pondered an interesting question. Could the Broncos win any of their remaining games with the same type of game they played against the Jaguars?

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of the Afternoon Drive broke down the Broncos performance. It was a strange feeling. The Broncos won, but it didn’t feel like a win. As Goodman noted, it looked like Gary Kubiak went into a prevent offense.

The offense is stagnant. The problems stem from many issues. The quarterback situation not withstanding, the offensive line has been terrible this year. No team can have great success behind such a horrendous line.

Paxton Lynch was not good on Sunday. The offense was not good. But the defense was. It was a nice bounce back game for the Broncos. They stepped up and grabbed the win. The defense is still really good.

The second question posed was whether the Broncos were more likely to go 3-1 or 0-4 the rest of the way. The defense is too good to lose four games in a row. However, the question itself is very telling about the Broncos team. There is not much that one can say about this team that is good, except for how good the defense is.

The Broncos have another matchup with an AFC South team next week. They won’t be up against an awful team with a collapsing quarterback. No, they will be facing a young quarterback who seems to be figuring things out in the NFL. If they have a performance against Tennessee like they did against Jacksonville it will feel like a loss because it will be a loss.

Bonus Listen:

Mike Pritchard called into the Afternoon Drive. He is not as down on the Denver Broncos as some people might expect. He actually doesn’t think they are in that bad a situation.