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Denver Broncos power rankings around the web - Week 14

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How did a WIN help the Denver Broncos?

NFL: Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

I should weigh 70lbs by now from all cookies I've tossed from having to keep writing in the top 3, the two teams I despise most. Gag. It’s time once again to see what men behind desks think. And Yahoo nails it. Yes, please give us a run game!!

Yahoo Sports 6(7)

The last time Justin Forsett was in a Gary Kubiak offense was 2014, and he had a career year. The Broncos picked up Forsett on Monday and maybe at age 31 he’s just finished, but it’s an interesting pickup. Especially since the Broncos’ run game has been bad without C.J. Anderson.

Cowboys, Patriots*, Raiders

CBS 5(7)

It wasn't pretty at Jacksonville, but they found a way without Trevor Siemian. They need more from the offense -- no matter who is at quarterback.

Cowboys, Patriots*, Raiders

NBC 7(8)

Last year, they were the No. 1 seed. This year, they may be the No. 6 seed. It will be slightly harder to get to the Super Bowl that way.

Cowboys, Raiders, Patriots*

Fox Sports 7(9)

The Broncos were fortunate to have caught the Jaguars during Trevor Siemian’s injury because Paxton Lynch was shaky. The defense handed Blake Bortles the worst game of his career and helped lift Denver to victory. The Broncos are a great team, but they’re no lock to make the playoffs thanks to Oakland and Kansas City. Miami’s loss helps their chances, though.

Cowboys, Patriots*, Raiders 6(7)

So maybe Paxton Lynch didn't exactly set the football world on fire Sunday in Jacksonville. (Let's be real: Even if he threw for 340 and three touchdowns in Jacksonville, would it even mean anything? Ah, the Jags ... I digress.) Just 104 yards from the first-round pick, in a game plan that called for plenty of runs (28:24 run-to-pass ratio) and short passes, while allowing the defense to Bortle.

Cowboys, Patriots*, Raiders

ESPN 9(4)

Paxton Lynch got the Week 13 win against Jacksonville with 104 yards passing on 12 of 24 completions. That kind of effort can get the job done against the Jaguars, but Lynch (or Trevor Siemian) will likely need to step up his game at Tennessee this week.

Cowboys, Patriots*, Raiders

SB Nation 7(10)

Pro Football Focus 7

Offense 24, Defense 1. it doesn’t seem to matter who’s QB, they think our offense stinks.

I won’t post one ranking that said we should bring in Romo because they don’t like our QB’s. Like a broken Romo is going to fix our offensive woes. If he brings Dallas’s Zeke Elliot and their OL, and he plays for a buck and then sits down, sure, we’ll take you. Once again, I rolled my eyes so hard I saw my brain. Hello, A dirty win is better than losses to SD, Oak and KC, ya moor rons (channeling my inner Animal House).

So, our average Score was 6.75