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MHR Live: Broncos at Titans, the analytics

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Who will be the starting quarterback? We have the inside track.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

More clarity on who will be starting at quarterback for the Denver Broncos on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans and it's probably not the quarterback that you were hoping for, no matter who you were hoping would start.

Justin Forsett gets all kinds of post-practice praise by both head coach Gary Kubiak and offensive coordinator Rick Dennison. Is there a running back split or a flat-out take over happening in Denver between Forsett and Devontae Booker?

We'll take a look at the Broncos run defense as that seems to be the main threat that the Titans offense will present this weekend and we'll start diving into the analytics of the game Sunday in Nashville.

And Von Miller gets a stat correction from the NFL, even better news for him.

Get in where you fit in and join host Ian Henson live as we take all of your questions and do our best to give you all of the answers.