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Kubiak says Forsett, Booker will split snaps on Sunday

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The newly acquired veteran running back is up to speed and ready to play.

Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

When the Broncos-Titans kick off for the early game Sunday, the weather is going to be chilly and rainy.

In other words, good day for a run game.

Broncos are hoping they actually have one and are looking to newly acquired veteran back Justin Forsett to help get it going.

"Justin is a real pro. He’s been doing this a long time," coach Gary Kubiak said Wednesday. "He’s a three-down player. He understands protections. He understands exactly what we’re doing, so that’s nice to walk on the field today. We really didn’t have a new player in a lot of ways other than a new face."

Kubiak added that he expects Forsett to split reps with Devontae Booker on Sunday.

"It’s not like he’s been sitting; he’s been playing. He’s been active all year, whether it was Baltimore or Detroit," Kubiak noted. "I’m hoping he can help us really quick."

Broncos claimed Forsett off waivers Monday just a few hours before announcing Kapri Bibbs would be placed on Injured Reserve for an ankle injury suffered in the game against Jacksonville. Forsett played under Kubiak in Houston and most recently Baltimore where he had his best season in 2014, running 1,266 yards and scoring eight touchdowns. Forsett also played under Greg Knapp and Alex Gibbs in Seattle.

"I was hoping. It was one of the teams that I was hoping [would reach out]," Forsett said, calling it "a godsend" to come to Denver. "To come in this facility and see familiar faces like Coach Kubiak, ‘Knapp’ and ‘Rico’ - all of those guys are family to me. I always wanted to be here."

And now Denver is hoping Forsett can help spark the running attack and give Booker a little veteran help.

"I think he can help us quickly. I think Booker can learn a great deal from him. We need somebody to step in and contribute," Kubiak said. "I think he gave us the best chance. We’re just very fortunate to have him."

But Forsett definitely considers himself the fortunate one, and he’s ready to contribute in a big way.

"I’m a guy that when you see me coming of the bus, I don’t wow you with appearance. I’m 5’8, 197 pounds - and Coach Kubiak didn’t care," Forsett said. "We had the experience with each other and he just trusted me."

Noting his familiarity not just with Kubiak but also Rick Dennison, Greg Knapp and even Alex Gibbs, Forsett believes he can easily fit into the Broncos scheme right away.

"I know my skill-set that I provide. I’ll show some of that versatility, be able to run outside of the backfield, split out wide and run the ball," Forsett said, adding he’ll put a lot of work in the outside and inside zone schemes. "My thing is that I want to come in here and be a spark. That’s my objective."

That would be a welcomed addition to a "running attack" that’s done nothing of the sort, but Kubiak and Dennison believe Forsett can add some punch.

Maybe even literally. The OC commended Forsett’s pass-blocking ability.

"The biggest part is he knows who to get, particularly, on teams that can bring multiple pressures like Tennessee can," Dennison said. "[We’re] making sure that he stays on the same page with the offensive linemen, which he’s always been good in that regard. We can pick right up where he left off."

Forsett is also excited about being a mentor to Booker and the other young running backs.

"Taking the young guys under my wing and show them the things to do to be a good pro and play a long time in this league, that’s what I’m going to do," Forsett added. "That’s been my thing during my whole career. I want to be able to impact the guys."

That would be an excellent bonus. The Broncos - and Broncos Country - are just hoping he can impact the game.