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Brandon Marshall shows us what ‘wrong’ looks like in form of racist letter

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Brandon Marshall received a disturbing and racist hand-written letter at work.

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First, a brief warning, the words you will read from Brandon Marshall’s Instagram posts on Friday are not for the feint of heart.

The Denver Broncos star linebacker got a hate-filled diatribe of racial epitaphs and threats upon his person that should bring us all back to the much darker days of American history.

This kind of stuff is unacceptable. We shouldn’t treat it with anything but scorn for the author and support for Brandon Marshall.

Part 2

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To think, this kind of reaction can be sparked from a simple kneel during the national anthem. Perhaps we should all take a knee next week, to show that one’s right to protest goes well beyond one’s hatred of skin color.

At the very least, retweet the hell out of this: