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Super Bowl 50 weather forecast: Six days until the game and the weather looks great

The weather looks perfect for Super Bowl 50.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We are six days away from Super Bowl 50 and the weather forecast for that Sunday looks perfect. A high of 70, little wind, no rain and picture perfect weather conditions.

Right now, is predicting a high of 70 degrees with a light wind and a 0% chance of rain. The night time looks just as good. A low of 47 degrees with light winds and 0% chance of rain as well.

SB50 Weather
Early February is considered the prime "wet season" for California, especially during a strong El Niño year. However, the people at say that spectators and teams may catch a break this upcoming weekend.

Temperatures are expected to rise to the mid to upper 60's by kickoff before falling to the upper 50s by the end of the game.

This appears to be the second straight Super Bowl where the Denver Broncos have a caught a break from the weather.

The weather for Super Bowl 48 was pretty mild for that time of the year. The week and days leading up to the game were downright frigid. The weather for the game was mild, little wind, and no rain or snow either. Not even 24 hours after the game ended, the east coast was hammered by a snowstorm.

This year it appears that the NFL will once again find themselves lucky.

We here at Mile High Report will have one final weather update this Saturday, 24 hours prior to kickoff.