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Horse Tracks: Denver Broncos arrive in California for Super Bowl 50

The entire Denver Broncos team, players on IR, interns, and all arrived in California yesterday afternoon. Folks, it's game week and it's game on.

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The bye week before the Super Bowl is now over. How the Broncos conduct themselves over the next few days could determine the outcome Sunday's game.

Will there be a team curfew in place to keep players out of trouble? You bet. Although, it won't be set by the coaching staff. In an interview last week, coach Kubiak said those types of decisions would be handled by team captains. I have to admit, I genuinely respect that decision. Players play for one another and when expectations come from within, I think there's a better chance that nothing horrible could go wrong.

What could go wrong?

Barrett Robbins:

I'm sure many of you were barely walking when the Raiders last had a winning season and so you may not remember this. The Raiders center took some drugs, thought the Raiders had already won the Super Bowl that they were to play in the following day, and he went to Tijuana to party -- by himself. When he returned to the team hotel in San Diego he was incoherent and ultimately was left off the roster for the Super Bowl. The Raiders not only lost the Super Bowl, they were cursed to endure non-winning seasons every year since. Here's more on that if you're interested.

Eugene Robinson:

After losing to the Broncos as a Green Bay Packer in Super Bowl XXXII, Robinson found himself again playing in a Super Bowl against Denver as a member of the Atlanta Falcons a year later. The night before the game, Robinson felt a little lonely and sought out some professional female companionship. The police officer he propositioned wasn't amused and he was arrested for solicitation.

Wikipedia also had this to add on this story.

Earlier that day, Robinson received the Athletes in Action/Bart Starr Award, given annually to a player who best exemplifies outstanding character and leadership in the home, on the field and in the community. After the arrest Robinson agreed to return the award

Needless to say folks, championships may not be won off the field the week before the game, but they sure as heck can be lost. I'm confident the Broncos and the leadership within will keep this kind of stuff from happening. The Broncos know what's at stake and will play smart football off the field so that they can play dominant football on the field come Sunday.

It's going to be a terrific week. Take a moment, Broncos fans, and enjoy it. Super Bowl!

Horse Tracks

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