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2016 NFL Draft Order: Broncos will have the 31st pick in the draft

Broncos will pick 31st, not 32nd despite winning the Super Bowl.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 by the score of 24-10. The winner of the Super Bowl gets the final pick in the first round which comes out to be the 32nd choice.

Well this year, the Denver Broncos will be picking 31st instead. Normally that choice goes to the loser of the Super Bowl, not this year.

The New England Patriots were forced to forfeit their first round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft after the whole 'Deflategate' nonsense.

So I guess we can thank the NFL and the Patriots for allowing the Broncos to pick one spot earlier than they normally would this year.

Here is the full draft order for the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Pick Team
1 Tennesse Titans
2 Cleveland Browns
3 San Diego Chargers
4 Dallas Cowboys
5 Jacksonville Jaguars
6 Baltimore Ravens
7 San Francisco 49ers
8 Miami Dolphins
9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
10 New York Giants
11 Chicago Bears
12 New Orleans Saints
13 Philadelphia Eagles
14 Oakland Raiders
15 Los Angeles Rams
16 Detroit Lions
17 Atlanta Falcons
18 Indianapolis Colts
19 Buffalo Bills
20 New York Jets
21 Washington Redskins
22 Houston Texans
23 Minnesota Vikings
24 Cincinnati Bengals
25 Pittsburgh Steelers
26 Seattle Seahawks
27 Green Bay Packers
28 Kansas City Chiefs
29 Arizona Cardinals
30 Carolina Panthers
31 Denver Broncos

*The New England Patriots do not have a first round pick because they are cheaters

Broncos draft history with the 31st overall pick:

The Broncos have picked at the 31st spot twice in their history and those two picks turned into two very good players.

Back in 1999, the Denver Broncos selected linebacker Al Wilson in the first round. He turned into the unquestioned leader of the Broncos and went to 5 Pro Bowls.

Back in 2014, the Denver Broncos selected cornerback Bradley Roby in the first round. The young Roby is only two years into his career but appears to have a very bright future ahead of him. He was a big reason why the Denver Broncos made and won Super Bowl 50.

If the Broncos stay at pick 31 in the 2016 NFL Draft, hopefully, they find themselves another defensive stud.