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Malik Jackson: 'We knew we had the edge on them'

Malik Jackson sounds like he wants to stay in Denver, but it's still very unclear if the Broncos will be able to afford him next season.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

On today's Afternoon Drive Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro interviewed Denver Broncos own Malik Jackson. In the interview Jackson talked about hitting the free agency market, how talk from the media and other players affects him, his first touchdown, and his thoughts about Cam Newton.

Jackson revealed how smack talk from players has a lot more effect on him than anything the media has to say (not surprising). Many Broncos have been very open about their distaste for some of the pre-game talk from the Panthers team. What's interesting is Jackson also talks about the confidence the Broncos had in themselves.

"We knew who we had and we knew we had the edge on them."

Jackson didn't rip into Cam Newton for not going after the fumble as many others have, but he did talk about how much stopping Newton meant to him.

Who do you enjoy pounding more Tom Brady or Cam Newton?
We play Tom Brady every year so I think it was Cam Newton. Just kind of hearing that talk, plus it was a Super Bowl so I think, just the magnitude of the stage and the talk about how we wouldn’t get to him, and how they have a good line, and knowing who we are I think it was definitely Cam."

Jackson also talks about the important of being battle tested and what's it's like being a top-tier free agent. Bottom line: Jackson sounds like he would like to stay in Denver, but there is a "business side (to football) at the end of the day.

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