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Pat Bowlen aware the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50

For the privacy of the family and Bowlen, there hasn't been many updates on his condition. It makes this news even nicer to hear.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Broncos Country has been in the clouds since Sunday night.

The first Super Bowl win in 17 years will have that effect. But throw in that the second Hall of Fame quarterback could end his career with a Lombardi Trophy for the Denver Broncos (if Peyton Manning retires), DeMarcus Ware and Wade Phillips winning their first and a defense that will go down in history just makes it sweeter.

Don't forget the parade and rally that had fans in a Broncos' high on Tuesday.

Perhaps the best moment came on Wednesday afternoon when longtime Denver TV and radio journalist Les Shapiro tweeted out that Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is aware that his team won the Super Bowl.

Bowlen, 71, is battling Alzeheimer's and hasn't run the teams' daily operations since 2014. It was announced last week that he suffered a blood clot that hospitalized him in early December but he was released and back home recovering.

It was because of his health that Bowlen resigned control of the team to President and CEO Joe Ellis, who has managed the daily operations since 2014. General Manager and Executive Vice President John Elway handles the football decisions for the organization.

Ownership of the Broncos remains in the Pat Bowlen Trust, established more than a decade ago to eventually transfer ownership of the team to one of Bowlen's seven children.

For the privacy of the family and Bowlen, there hasn't been news on his condition.

So the fact Mr. B is lucid and knows the Broncos won the Super Bowl makes this moment even better.