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Who are the Denver Broncos free agent priorities?

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As the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos head into the NFL's offseason, the first and most pressing questions will center around free agency. Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive dig into the topic of which players the Broncos must look to resign first.

For me, I really see three main priorities for the Broncos in terms of player resignings before the March 9th free agency period begins.

1. Von Miller

John Elway should shovel all of Peyton Manning's money into Von Miller's basement and call it a day. There just isn't a way where it would ever make sense not to do exactly that.

As Teddy KGB from the movie Rounders would say, "Pay that man his money."

2. Malik Jackson or Brock Osweiler

Looking at the cap, it just feels like the Broncos can keep one or the other - not both. I'd prefer to keep Malik Jackson, so we can see our team keep what might just be the greatest front five in NFL history. Why do I make such a bold statement? Simple, in the PFF era (2007-now) the Broncos defense ranks 2nd in run defense and 1st in pass rush. I would have to think that is significant.

The second reason why I'd like Jackson over Brock Osweiler is because the Broncos just won a Super Bowl with 2015 Peyton Manning. I am not bashing Peyton, but he just finished the worst season of his professional career, which tells me they could win another one with Brian Hoyer at quarterback.

3. David Bruton Jr.

A personal fan favorite for me, David Bruton Jr. is one of the veteran leaders on the team and a special teams ace. I'd feel pretty good having him back there quarterbacking the special teams unit and providing quality backup safety play for T.J. Ward and Darian Stewart.

Bonus Listen

Eric and Les talk with Chad Brown, letting him weigh in on the greatest defense ever conversation around the Broncos historic playoff run.