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Chris Chase of Fox Sports thinks the Broncos shouldn't host the 2016 NFL season opener

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Well, too bad Chris Chase!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

For the past few years, the winner of the Super Bowl has earned the right to open up the following season at home on Thursday night. It's a nice treat to the team and the fans. Just another chance to celebrate their Super Bowl victory.

Well, Chris Chase of doesn't think the Broncos should have that right.

Seriously, he wrote an article saying this(read it here).

Here are the reasons why he believes the Broncos opening up the season would be a poor choice.

What if the Super Bowl champion had its Hall of Fame quarterback retire? What if its stud Super Bowl MVP flew the coop for bigger money (which could happen, though it's unexpected)? What if some guy named Brock was the starter and the star of the team, the reigning champ's defense, produced one of the ugliest, most boring Super Bowls in history, thus making the game itself nothing special? In that case, the NFL should end the custom, temporarily, and switch to a different game, right?

I like how he tries to pull the Manning card as a reason why the Broncos would be a poor pick. Manning hasn't played great football since the mid-point of the 2014 season, and was a big reason why Super Bowl 50 was the "most boring Super Bowl in history".

Yes, Peyton Manning draws in the ratings, but the ratings for the games that Brock started this year didn't suffer. He started two primetime games against two of the top teams in the AFC(Patriots and Bengals). People tuned in(they always do) and will again.

Some guy named Brock? You mean the quarterback who led thrilling comebacks in primetime against the (at the time) undefeated and reigning Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots in a snow storm? Or against the Cincinnati Bengals in a game that helped lock up the number one seed for the Broncos. The guy who went 5-2 in his first 7 starts in the NFL? Doesn't sound all that boring to me.

Now to this "most boring Super Bowl in history" nonsense. It was a defensive slugfest by both teams.

Why is playing dominating defense considered boring? You thought the Broncos dominance of the number one ranked offense and the MVP was boring? Would you rather see both teams play awful defense and put up "Star Wars numbers" again? If that's the case, maybe you should stick to fantasy football or Madden.

Then he says this "What if its stud Super Bowl MVP flew the coop for bigger money". Have you ever heard of the thing called the Franchise Tag? Well if you haven't, the Broncos are likely placing it on Miller. This means he will be in a Broncos uniform for that Thursday Night opener. Chase even says it's unlikely, but still tries to use it as a point.

He then tries to use who they are playing as reason why the Broncos shouldn't open up the 2016 season.

Here's who Denver faces at Mile High in 2016: New England (too big a game to waste so early); Carolina (ditto, very doubtful this happens); Atlanta (meh), Oakland (meh x 2); San Diego (meh x 3); Houston (meh x 4); Kansas City (maybe); and Indianapolis (probably). The NFL sells itself, but even the marketing whizzes getting high six-figures might have a hard time getting Brock Osweiler vs. an 8-8 team in continuous coaching turmoil to 25 million viewers.

So just politely strip Denver of the game!

Honestly, it really doesn't matter who the Broncos play. The Broncos have 378 straight home sellouts(and counting). So whoever the opponent is, all they will see is a sea of orange, and boy will they be loud.

Didn't you see Levi's Stadium during Super Bowl 50? It looked like a San Diego Chargers home game when the Broncos play.

broncos fans super bowl 50

(Photo via CBS Sports)

How about this Chris Chase. Tell the one million Broncos fans who attended the Broncos Super Bowl parade that their team and city doesn't deserve to open the 2016 NFL Season.

Go ahead!

Broncos Parade

(Photo via Enrico Meyer / 9NEWS)

The Broncos players and Broncos fans earned the right to open up the 2016 season and will. So Chris Chase, if you do not like it, I politely ask you not to watch the game.

Go Broncos!