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Broncos 2016 free agency: Brock Osweiler or Malik Jackson?

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What would the Denver Broncos look like without Brock Osweiler? That's the question Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro posed on The Afternoon Drive on Thursday.

I am personally on record stating I'd prefer Malik Jackson if we could only choose one, but after listening to this segment my mind has begun to change on the topic. Eric laid these reasons why the Broncos would regret letting Osweiler go in free agency.

1. Available Free Agent quarterbacks

The best quarterback on the market besides Osweiler would be Sam Bradford. I am definitely not a fan of bringing in Bradford over Osweiler, but Eric was right. Who else would the Broncos pick up, because the picking's are slim. After that, you've got Chase Daniel, Drew Stanton, Brandon Weeden or Chad Henne. And don't ask about Ryan Fitzpatrick or Kirk Cousins, because those guys are not going to hit the market either.

Having seen Osweiler succeed with my own two eyes, I would have to believe he is the best quarterback that could hit the open free agent market in a few weeks.

2. Great defensive teams in Super Bowls

The second point was simple. As great as the '85 Bears, '00 Ravens, '02 Buccaneers and the '13 Seahawks were defensively, how many Super Bowls championships did they follow up their historic runs with? Zero.

The law of averages catches up to everyone. It caught up with the Seahawks in the Super Bowl the year before, but especially during this past regular season. And that was with an MVP performance down the stretch from Russell Wilson.

Bonus Listen

Eric and Les talk with Nick Ferguson about the Broncos defenses of old, present and future.