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Report: Lions expected to hire Broncos offensive assistant Brian Callahan

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Callahan will be Detroit's quarterbacks coach for former Denver assistant Jim Bob Cooter, and is the first bit of change to hit Gary Kubiak and his staff.

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Change always comes when you win a championship.

No matter how much you want to keep everything the same, that's just not possible. The NFL is a business and the people who make that up have to do what's best for them.

The first bit of change is about to hit the Denver Broncos and Gary Kubiak's staff after their Super Bowl 50 win.

According to Fox Sports' Alex Marvez, offensive assistant Brian Callahan will become the Detroit Lions quarterbacks coach. The move is seamless since he worked with Detroit offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter when the two were in Denver in 2013. Throw in Lions head coach Jim Caldwell and his connections to Peyton Manning and no wonder this move will happen.

Callahan, who is the son of current Washington Redskins offensive line coach Bill Callahan, worked with the quarterbacks in Denver this season.

Manning said Callahan will be "a top-flight quarterbacks coach, offensive coordinator, maybe head coach like his dad" in the future. That chance will come with the Lions.

Marvez reported that Callahan was in Detroit on Thursday. The Lions quarterbacks coach became open when Cooter was promoted to offensive coordinator.