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Broncos in trouble if they can't resign Osweiler

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Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro tackle several topics of interest regarding the Broncos in today's Afternoon Drive segment on AM1340 with a focus on improving the offense and Osweiler's importance in regard to that goal.

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Good evening, Broncos Country.

In today's Mile High Sports' Afternoon Drive segment, Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro discussed several topics of interest. Here is a summary of what was debated over the course of their show.

Discussing Peyton Manning

In their First Bank, First Take opening segment, the two discussed the possibility of Peyton Manning coming back to Dove Valley and telling John Elway that he is interested in playing another year. The two reminisced about this past season's contract restructuring process where the team approached Manning to take a pay cut in order to be with the team.

While ultimately Manning and the Broncos agreed to a four million dollar pay cut (which he ended up getting back with his Super Bowl victory), it was indicated that the starting point was a $10 million dollar pay cut. In hindsight, it is interesting to look at what the Broncos would have done had the two parties not come to an agreement on a pay cut. This led Goodman to wonder if the team would have ended up trading Manning had they not done so.

Shapiro thought that the team wouldn't have done that, primarily because they would have lost in the court of public opinion regarding the matter.  Knowing that, the two sides came to an agreement and Manning received a no-trade clause in his contract to prevent that from happening after the deal came to fruition.

Furthermore, he doesn't believe that Elway would be interested in approaching those discussions again this season.  At the end of the day, he believes that Elway wouldn't have a problem telling Manning that, "It was a good run, but it is time to move on." and going in another direction at quarterback for the 2016 season.

The Brock Osweiler Situation

Later on in the show, Goodman and Shapiro discussed the importance of the Denver Broncos' defense in the Super Bowl and throughout the course of the season. In their eyes, it was the play of the defense that helped catapult the Broncos to the Super Bowl victory. Alas, such a strong defensive showing all season long even pointed out a larger concern which we are all aware of, which was the inconsistency and poor play throughout the year by the Broncos offense.

According to Shapiro, he believes for the team to turn the tide offensively in 2016 the Broncos have to have a better running game, offensive line and more consistency from the tight ends. Goodman stated that he believed that the priority for the front office this off-season has to be extending Brock Osweiler's contract in order for the offense to have efficacy next season. This lead Goodman to formulate that Osweiler must be the priority over Malik Jackson in free agency, and if they don't find a way to re-sign him the team is 'screwed.'

Shapiro vehemently disagreed with Goodman and believed that John Elway knows what he is doing and would have the ability to find a quarterback to lead the team via free agency or the draft if Osweiler demands a contract that is way too rich for the Broncos.

However, he believes that the team can retain both Jackson and Osweiler by making big time cuts and restructures that can give the team cap maneuverability.  Goodman finished the dialogue by stating if the Broncos don't invest a long-term deal in Osweiler, Elway effectively failed in his drafting of him and had him 'rot away' for four years on the bench.

What do you think, Broncos Country?

If the team doesn't invest in an extension for Brock Osweiler — was the decision to draft him and how he was subsequently handled signify failure?  Sound off in the comments section and don't forget to head over to Mile High Sports' Soundcloud to hear the rest of today's show.

As always, thanks for reading and have a fantastic weekend.