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Peter King suggests the Browns are the top competition for Brock Osweiler

Could the Browns throw a big contract at Osweiler?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, SI's Peter King suggests that the Cleveland Browns could the top competition for the Broncos for the services of quarterback Brock Osweiler this offseason.

The Browns will be in need of another quarterback this offseason after Johnny Manziel implosion off the field. The team does have the second overall pick in the draft, but none of the top three quarterback prospects are really worthy of that selection. The team probably would rather select a better player at a different position instead of reaching for a quarterback.

This led to Peter King to suggest that Browns could target Osweiler this offseason.

Cleveland is probably a smart spot for Jared Goff at No. 2 overall, but keep an eye on the Browns for Brock Osweiler. I threw it out there Monday, but just know the Broncos have smart intelligentsia alongside Elway. They hear things. They feel things. And you never know whether Hue Jackson (or whomever has control in the new Cleveland brain trust) would rather use the No. 2 pick on a lock player at a different position and spend some Jimmy Haslam dough to steal Osweiler. We’ll see.

Now none of this matters if the Broncos can reach a deal with Osweiler before Free Agency begins in March. If they cannot agree to something by then, or if Osweiler wants to test the market, things could get interesting for the Broncos.

The thing the Browns have over the Broncos is cap space. The Browns are projected to have $33.5 million in cap space before cuts, and could easily outbid the Broncos even if they make a bunch of cuts.

Teams like the Texans and Rams could also be in the market for a quarterback, and if it comes down to a bidding war, I have my doubts that Osweiler will be back.

The Denver Posts Troy Renck says that Osweiler will command more than what the Rams gave Nick Foles last offseason.Foles signed a two-year contract extension worth $24.5 million with the Rams last August. He received $12.02 million in fully guaranteed salary upon signing the contract and a total of $13.7 million in guaranteed salary.

Renck says Foles deal "won't suffice", but reveals a jumping off point for the Broncos and Manning.

Foles deal breaks down like this(via OverTheCap).

Renck says that Osweiler will command more years and a bit more money than Foles.

Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway has proven to be discipline when it comes to contracts and won't budge from an offer. So it will be interesting to see how the negotiations work out for both sides.

I wouldn't blame Osweiler one bit if he wanted to test the market first before signing with the Broncos. If a team offers Osweiler a big contract, will the Broncos budge from their stance and match? Or will they decide to move on?

I still think both sides will agree to something before Free Agency begins. The Broncos will be in a tough spot if they do not sign Osweiler. The Free Agent market is pretty weak, and the draft isn't much better. Also, the Broncos provide Osweiler the best chance to win and a familiar place.

However, this is the NFL and the Denver Broncos. We rarely have a quiet and an uneventful offseason.