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The Denver Broncos have the most free agents when broken down by snaps

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According to Pro Football Focus, the Denver Broncos have the worst unrestricted free agent situation in the NFL heading into the 2016 offseason. A redditor broke it down nicely in all of its ugly glory.

  1. Broncos 8745
  2. Bengals 8581
  3. Giants 7755
  4. Chiefs 7753
  5. Rams 7592
  6. Steelers 7468
  7. Cardinals 7391
  8. Bears 7294
  9. Jets 6886
  10. Chargers 6541
  11. Seahawks 6532
  12. Texans 6389
  13. Packers 6317
  14. Redskins 5716
  15. Colts 5644
  16. Lions 5182
  17. Cowboys 5025
  18. Vikings 4748
  19. Titans 4450
  20. Raiders 4354
  21. Eagles 4089
  22. Panthers 3973
  23. Dolphins 3827
  24. Bills 3758
  25. Ravens 3753
  26. Buccaneers 3646
  27. Falcons 3644
  28. Browns 3483
  29. Jaguars 3411
  30. Saints 3267
  31. 49ers 1973
  32. Patriots 1181

That's a lot of snaps. The next six weeks are going to be crazy and the biggest question for the defending Super Bowl champion Broncos is how many of those snaps will they be able to resign?

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