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Rumor: Broncos are "enamored" with quarterback prospect Dak Prescott

Could the Broncos be targeting a quarterback during the 2016 NFL Draft even if they re-sign Brock Osweiler?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

According to Charlie Campbell of, the Denver Broncos are "enamored" with quarterback prospect Dak Prescott. They expect him to be "in play" for the Broncos during the second- day of the draft.

That's not the only quarterback the Broncos like. According to Campbell, the Broncos love North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz, but he is expected to be a top 10 pick in the draft. With the Broncos picking 31st, it would take a pretty big and expensive offer to convince a team to trade back 20 to 25 spots.

Even if Osweiler is re-signed, drafting a quarterback early in the 2016 NFL draft is definitely in play for Denver. The Broncos loved North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz, but know that he won't be getting anywhere near Denver's pick. However, the team also is enamored with Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott. He is a good fit in Gary Kubiak's offense and sources say that Prescott is in play for the Broncos on the second-day of the draft.

The Broncos are looking at quarterbacks because they may be losing two here in the coming weeks. Quarterback Peyton Manning is likely retiring here in a few weeks, and Brock Osweiler is a free agent.

Osweiler is likely to return, but the two sides will first have to agree to a deal that works for both sides. Campbell says the Broncos want to sign Osweiler to a three-year deal worth about $10M per season while Osweiler is looking for $12M per season. The Broncos would like Osweiler back, but Denver Broncos General Manager has proven to not overpay or budge from an offer.

This uncertainty at quarterback has led to the Broncos being enamored with Dak Prescott. As I said prior, the Broncos view him as an option during the second day of the draft even if they re-sign Osweiler.

So let's get to know Dak Prescott.

Scouting Report:


Thick, muscular frame. Has proven over last three seasons that he can withstand a pounding.

Has enough natural arm strength and hip snap to fit throws into an NFL window.Stands tall and delivers a tight spiral with over-­the­-top delivery. Very little wind­up and gets ball out with the flick of a wrist. When the pocket is clean, can deliver accurate strikes around the field.Played with improved vision and care for football this season and eliminated many of the ill-­fated throws that turned into interceptions in 2014. Still a work in progress, but continues to show a level of growth as a passer.

Threat with his legs, scoring 37 rushing touchdowns over last three seasons and had 94 rushes of ten yards or more during that time. Can be used as goal-­line rushing option. Willing to extend plays outside of pocket with legs but look to finish the play with his arm.

Mentally tough enough to carry a heavy offensive burden for the Bulldogs over last three years. When protected better in 2014, showed an ability to challenge deep and strike with accuracy and touch.



Beat up this year thanks to poor protection. When he wasn't being sacked, he was being hit hard. Not as competitive a rusher in 2015. Sacks and usage in run game might be taking a toll.

An increase in short pass attempts from 86 to 208 this year reason for higher completion numbers. Accuracy on intermediate and deep throws dropped sharply. Pocket poise has been compromised.

Hyper­ aware of pressure around him and lacks awareness to slide and find temporary shelter to make the throw. Concern over pressure too often trumps the ability to get through progressions.

Must speed up the pace of his reads. Footwork is a mess. Slight stride onto stiff upper leg with little weight shift. Restricted follow-through and too often tries to muscle throws with his upper body. Throws to target rather than leading or throwing them open on short/intermediate throws. Too respectful of underneath coverage and must be more willing to challenge the defense. Needs to improve anticipation.

Film Room:


I find the Prescott interest pretty interesting. He is an athletic quarterback with a strong arm who fits very well into Gary Kubiak's offense.

The issue with Prescott is his rawness, mechanics, and footwork. He will need work before he can be an NFL starter, but has all the traits to be a successful one.

Prescott impressed scouts, GM's, and coaches at the Senior Bowl this year. He showed intelligence, leadership, and overall football character. Team's were reportedly raving over this after the Senior Bowl.

He will look to impress teams with his athleticism, intelligence, arm, and leadership during the Scouting Combine next week.

I wouldn't be shocked if the Broncos selected Prescott in the second or third round of April's NFL Draft. I do not think he is a day one starter, but a nice project who could start in a year or two.