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Is Brock Osweiler overvalued?

The Denver Broncos better know what they have in Brock Osweiler if they intend to commit to him long term with big money.

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On The Afternoon DriveEric Goodman and Les Shapiro debate whether or not the Denver Broncos should franchise Brock Osweiler if they are able to work out a deal quickly with Von Miller before free agency begins.

During their interesting debate on what John Elway might do with Osweiler, I began to wonder if maybe we (the fans) are overvaluing Osweiler's worth in both money and ability on the football field.

Does Osweiler have an incredibly high ceiling or are we all enamored with him for being below average, because it was so much better than Peyton Manning's horrific start to 2015? Pro Football Focus doesn't think very highly of Osweiler. They ranked him the 72nd best free agent in the NFL, well behind Kirk Cousins (11th), Sam Bradford (15th and Ryan Fitzpatrick (31st).

In a league where quarterbacks matter, should we be concerned that those outside of Denver don't really think much of Osweiler's long term viability in this league?

Bonus Listen

Michael Pritchard is a huge believer in John Elway's ability as a general manager when it comes to Denver Broncos quarterbacks.