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Denver Broncos highest rated defense ever in Pro Football Focus era

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And it's not even close.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The 2015 Denver Broncos defense was the best defense ever during the Pro Football Focus era(2004-present). They beat out the 2013 Seattle Seahawks Legion of Boom by nearly 60 points, easily making the Orange Rush the most dominant and complete defense in at least a decade.

The Broncos defense improved their solid 2014 PFF ranking by a full 100 points. That massive jump should be purely credited to Wade Phillips and his attacking style of defense.

Year Team Defensive Grade Postseason Result
2015 Denver Broncos +274.1 Won Super Bowl
2011 San Francisco 49ers +224.4 Lost in NFC Championship
2013 Seattle Seahawks +216.4 Won Super Bowl
2014 Denver Broncos +174.0 Lost in Divisional Round

Winning eleven games by a touchdown or less is also a modern era record that may never be broken, which tells us that the Broncos will need to discover some offense in 2016 or we may all be disappointed by early January.

The biggest question though, is whether the Broncos defense can turn in another top five all-time defensive performance in 2016.