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Potential Denver Broncos cap casualties for 2016

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The Denver Broncos won't be able to keep everyone next season. Who would you let go?

Most of the talk about the Broncos roster has been about the Broncos high-profile free agents including Malik Jackson and Brock Osweiler. But there are many other decisions to be made about the Broncos roster between now and training camp.

On Tuesday's Afternoon Drive, Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro talk about potential cap casualties for the 2016 season. The main debate came down to who would you let go: DeMarcus Ware or Aqib Talib?

The feeling by both was that the combination of Ware's age, his slightly higher hit to the salary cap this year, and the better depth at the outside linebacker position all pointed toward Ware being more expendable than Talib. Both Shane Ray and Shaquil Barrett could step in for Ware if needed as both players had great seasons. By keeping Talib, the no-fly zone trio of Talib/Roby/Harris Jr. would be around to drive opposing quarterbacks crazy for at least one more season.

Hopefully the Broncos will be able to keep both Ware and Talib, but these are just some of the questions Elway and the Broncos front office will be mulling over the next few weeks and months.

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