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Report: Denver Broncos may have interest in Robert Griffin III

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Free agency is rapidly approaching for the defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos and the biggest question mark for the 2016-17 regular season is who will be starting at quarterback. Peyton Manning is likely gone and Brock Osweiler is about to be free to accept contracts from any team.

That puts John Elway in a precarious position. To keep Osweiler, he could be forced to drop a prohibitively lucrative contract. One that could hamper his ability to retain the NFL's best defense. The quarterback desperate teams out there are likely making Osweiler an overvalued commodity, while franchising him would also be absurdly expensive.

According to the latest reports, the Broncos are now considering Robert Griffin III as a potential option to get through the next season.

That likely means very little as the Broncos are probably desperately looking for options that don't screw their salary cap.

Here is why RG3 could actually be an attractive option.

1. Money

RG3 is a former first round draft pick with loads of athletic talent, but injuries and a serious regression caused him to be benched. The benching has destroyed his value, which will make him one of the more affordable options out there. A low risk, high reward kind of value.

And really we are talking about a difference of upwards of $10 million in cap space between RG3 and Osweiler. Why wouldn't the Broncos look into saving that kind of money for a guy that may actually have a higher overall ceiling?

2. Talent

Let's not forget RG3 took his team to the playoffs before injuries derailed his promising career. A good system and quality coaches could help him resurrect that former glory.

3. Defense

The most important reason might actually be the defensive side of the ball. Signing RG3 and letting Osweiler walk would afford Elway the option to retain as many defensive free agents as possible. With Malik Jackson asking to be in the ballpark of $90 million, he is likely gone, but that doesn't mean Elway shouldn't try to bring back Danny Trevathan and David Bruton Jr. Plus, he'd be wise to bring in a guy to compete for the hole that Jackson will leave.

At the end of the day, Elway only has so much money and cap space to work with. If RG3 is the crutch the Broncos need to get through the next season, then I say roll with it.